AniModule - SOB Filter/Wavefolder


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State-variable multimode filter with an adjustable wave folder before the filter input and a vactrol for dynamically controlling the filter. As you can blend between the folded sound and the original signal pre-filter input, you can get a very wide range of sounds. The SOB module can sound from pretty nice to very hard. Besides thsi: you can use the SOB to process CVs as well!



The filter itself is resonant, can oscillate and tracks 1V/octave. It has two audio inputs and three different filter outputs (hgh pass, band pass and low pass). Soundwise it resembles Roland's SH series a bit.
Before the filter input the SOB features a well sounding wavefolder with a behavoiur depending of the input signal's levels. You can blend between the signlal pre- and post wavefolder to adjust the sound or to remove it if the efffect isn't desired.
The SOB has a Vactrol for dynamic cutoff control by gates or triggers, without using an envelope! Due to the Vactorl's behavoiur you get an nice organic, plucky sound.

As the SOB also accepts DC-coupled signals at the input you can use the filter and in firts line the wavefolder for prcessign CVs like LFOs and envelopes.


2 audio inputs, high pass out, band pass out, low pass out
cutoff: CV input, 1V/octave input, vactrol input


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 29mm deep,
current draw: 31mA @ +12V and 34mA @ -12V

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