AniModule - V9a


Very special, powerful sequencer module where proceeding to next step isn't forced by a clock but by voltage controlled step addressing. The glide parameter and generation of a trigger can be activeted with buttons and gate signals for each step!



If the input voltage rises then the sequencer proceeds vorwards; a falling voltage will cause the sequencer to move backwards. A rising sawtoothw i.e. a "ramp" corresponds to a forward mode, a triangle to a pendulum mode and a sawtooth equals backward mode. Non-linear curves change the timing of the individual steps, which is no problem and has to be considered a feature as long as your CV is in sync which would mean your whole sequence is synchronized and just the steps vary.
The module accepts voltages from 0-5V which can be adjusted with an attenuator and an offset parameter. Attenuation will shorten the sequence to less than nine steps and offset parameter shifts the start point of the sequence.

When a step changes, a 10ms trigger is generated; the nine buttons on the right hand side determine which steps will play the trigger. The upper buttons allow for activating Glide for each step. The glide can be gated by a gate signal at the "Slew-In" in conjunction with the step buttons and glide length is determinded by the Slew Amount potentiometer.

As the V9a directly reacts to the waveform and frequency of the input CV it suggests itself to process control voltages with it, to chop them in up to nine parts and to slew these stair waves. no matter if these are LFOs or envelopes.


CV input, Slew input
Trigger output, CV output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 39mm deep
Power consumption: 40mA @ +12V and 11mA @ -12V

0.3 kg
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