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The V3KT from Antimatter Audio is a compact four-channel morphing vector mixer and quadraphonic panner for modular setups. The module consists of four interconnected sections which can be used in various ways, allowing to mix four sources to one output or to distribbute one input to four outputs. Additionaly, four CV sources are available, visualised thanks to LEDs. The signal path is DC-coupled which make it suitable for audio as well as CV sources. Connect a joystick and start creating complex and interactive patches!



The V3KT is a 6hp morphing vector mixer and quadraphonic panner.

The module consists of four linked sections that interacts:

  • X/Y CV inputs
  • Five audio inputs
  • Five audio outputs
  • Four CV outputs derived from the X/Y algorithm

The X/Y inputs allow to control the four VCAs, enabling vector mixing, signal distribution and quadrophonic panning. Use LFOs, envelopes, sequencers or a joystick to control the V3KT.

These inputs have a maximum range of -10V to +10V, with an auto-calibration feature for optimization with narrower CV input ranges. Furthermore there are two selectable modes which changes how the CV inputs control the VCAs: XY-mode and Radial-mode. The module automatically remembers the last settings.

The four resulting control voltages can be tapped out at the bottom section (CV Outs), and used as CV sources to modulate other modules.

Five audio inputs are available in the input section. The four in the corner can be used for vector mixing (4>1). The input in the center is used for quad distribution/panning (1>4). Thanks to a DC-coupled signal path the V3KT can be used for audio and control voltages.

The five audio outputs are layed out in a similar way, with the Mix out in the center (4>1), and the four quadrophonic outputs in the corner (1>4). Thanks to four LEDs, the level of the individual VCAs can be visualized. 

It is possible to use multiple inputs and outputs simultaneously in all modes to create complex and interactive patches.

Two CV inputs
Five audio inputs
Five audio outputs
Four CV outputs

3U Eurorack module

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