AQA ElektriX - 24dB Cascade VCF


Handmade in Berlin! Strictly limited to 15 units and exclusively available at Schneiders!
For warming-up in the Eurorack stadium, so to say, AQA ElektriXpresents their first module, a fantasticly sweet 24dB cascade Minimoog filter with hand-selected and hand-matched transistors, usind quality mechanical parts.


Is it necessary to describe the Minimoog's filter sound? Sweet and creamiy with a distinct resonance that goes to oscillation. The AQA filter is an accurate replica of this filter, manufactured with lots of love and hand labor - everything is made with discrete components and even soldered by hand.

The filter has two audio inputs with level controls; they make the filter distort at high levels above 10Vpp, just like the original did. The resonance can be set manually.
For modulating the cutoff frequency there are three CV inputs: two with attenuators and one with a characteristic of approx. 1V per octave.


audio: two inputs, one output
cutoff CV inputs: two attenuated, one 1V/octave


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 41mm deep
Current draw: 26mA @ +12V and 13mA @ -12V

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