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  1. Audio Damage - Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter is a digital noise source which is based on the TR-606's cymbal source and on a shift register noise generator. It can geenrate a whole variety of sounds, from chaotic to white noise.

    AJH Synth - MiniMod Glide/Noise
    former retail price €175.63 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  2. ADDAC 802 VCA Quintet Mixing Console

    Voltage controlled five-channel mixer with two independents mixing paths and solo function per channel. The mix output has a sixth VCA with pre and post outputs. Additional, non-controllable input for cascading. Each channel has a direct output and can be unsed as an independent VCA. All 5 VCA's can be used separately for different sources (audio or cv) or mix in 2 different chains.

    ADDAC 802 VCA quintet mixing console
    former retail price €352.94 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  3. Malekko Wiard JAG Joystick Axis Generator

    The next co-operation between Malekko and Wiard brings us the JAG, which stands for Joystick Axis Generator. It is technically identical to the original Wiard 1211 module, only it´s a version for the popular Eurorack.

    The JAG combines two voltages X and Y, e.g. from a joystick and generates 10 different flexible voltages depending on them.

    Malekko  Wiard JAG Joystick Axis Generator--9-
    former retail price €234.45 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  4. Steady State Fate - Propagate

    Four gate delays with hot sauce, please! Indeed, the Propagate offers not less than four voltage controlled gate delay circuits which can be used independently and in a cascaded mode. The delay time and the gate length of the output can be controlled for each channel and even globally. A mix function sums all gate delays as well as an external signal. The Propagate can be turned on and off with a gate signal.
    An unique function is the possibility to turn each channel into a voltage controllable PWM audio generator - what an experimental playground!

    Steady State Fate - Propagate
    former retail price €289.92 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  5. Rebel Technology - Stoicheia

    Rebel Technology call the Stoichea the Euclidian Sequencer. The module creates rhythmical structures from a clock by the use of an algorithm that Euclid first described; those structures can be found in our music since centuries.

    Rebel Technology - Stoicheia (needs 5 Volt)--9-
    former retail price €180.67 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  6. Eowave EObody2 OEM V2

    A universal USB converter OEM board with 13 analogue inputs and 16 digital inputs/outputs for sensors, switches and voltage-controllable devices such as LEDs, motors, relays or solenoids. With its plugandplay interface, you won't need any programming. No other interface needed. Ideal for creating meta-instruments!
    Sensors are not included. Sensors or connectors for then have to be soldered.

    Eowave EObody2 OEM V2--9-
    former retail price €41.18 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  7. Medic Modules - Voice Box

    Don't want to power up the whole studio just for a small good-night-patch? Girlfriend, kid or mama is already asleep and you wanna make some music without bothering them? the voicebox might help - it is a loudspeaker module.
    And, hey, the ARP2600 had speakers. Your box needs it too.

    Medic Modules - Voice Box front
    former retail price €133.61 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  8. Studio Electronics Omega - 8 voice

    This 8 voice polyphonic, four part multitimbral stereo analog synthesizer is based on discrete circuits. It?s available with different filter types, an arpeggiator, excessive modulation capabilities, dynamic sound processing and elaborate MIDI control. This 8 voice version has for each voice 2 syncable VCOs with sub-VCO, VCO2 with FM, triangle, saw, pulse wavforms can be played simultaneously; 2filters expandable with Roland 303, Arp 2600 and Yamaha CS80 boards; 3LFOs with 6 waveforms, poly mode, key trigger and MIDI sync; 3 mulitstage envelopes; glide; 32 knobs, 1 encoder, 35 buttons, back-lit display.
    Please ask for shipping times and current prices per mail, thank you.

    Studio Electronics Omega - 8 voice--9-
    former retail price €5,500.00 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  9. Grendel - Drone Commander

    Not in production anymore.

    Drone machine with a very significant fuzzy sound and an unique exterior in an old rugged metal ammunition case. With two oscillators and LFOs as well as a filter it's easy to create beating rhythmical and dynamic sounds.

    MeeBlip Anode front
    former retail price €357.14 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  10. STG Soundlabs Post Lawsuit LPF (Eurorack)

    Excellent sounding reproduction of the low pass filter known from the later models of the ARP 2600. It´s not the Moog cascade filter ARP used first but their own fantastic design.

    STG soundlabs Post Lawsuit Lopass Filter--9-
    former retail price €226.05 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  11. Orthogonal Devices - ER-102 (People's Choice)

    We will not be getting this unit anymore because OD has stopped reselling to dealers. Please buy directly.

    The ER-102 expands the already vast number of possibilites of the ER-101 sequencer by awesome functions. Within one snapshot you can now generate parts and recall these via CVs, also you can generate groups of steps that can be transformed and modulated. The recording function e.g. allows for real-time recording and overdubs. Storage and firmware updates vie memory cards is possible as well.

    This here is the version "People's Choice" with black print on aluminium.

    Orthogonal Devices - ER-102 (People's Choice)
    former retail price €469.75 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  12. Make Noise - Power Bus Kit

    The Powered Bus Kit is a very easy to realize power solution for Eurorack modular systems up to 1.4A. It consists of an active power distribution baord with 20 connectors for Eurorack modules and a 4HP wide faceplate with an inlet of an external AC power supply (not supplied). this way you can use the system all over the world if you have the correct external supply.

    Make Noise - Power Bus Kit
    former retail price €150.42 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  13. Make Noise knob (grey, large)

    Large sized black-grey knob like those used by Make Noise since April 1012. For matching the look of your old modules to the design of the new ones.

    Make Noise knob big grey--9-
    former retail price €1.68 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  14. Niio Analog - Iotine Core 3

    Entirely analog, dynamic audio processor with three independent channels. Two feature each an H-A-R envelope, a smooth 12dB multi mode filter, a low-noise VCA and essentially a fantastic saturation stage, with six different distortion types for each channel. Additionally there's a EQ-like filter with other distortions. Four outputs and an external audio input you can use as envelope trigger input, extending the machine's functions.

    Niio Analog Iotine Core 2
    former retail price €1,596.64 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  15. Doepfer Dark Energy 2

    This compact monophonic analog synthesizer is the successor of the very popular Dark Energy that has been discontinued due to obsolete electronic parts.

    The oscillator now is sawtooth-based and has a new wave form, the clipped sawtooth instead of the triangle. The filter is no more a pure lowpass but a 12dB multimode filter with continuous transition between different filter types. The VCA has an exponantial characteristic. The rest of the circuitry remains unchanged.

    Doepfer Dark Energy 2
    former retail price €352.10 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  16. XAOC Devices - Moskwa

    Circular eight-step analog sequencer module for CV and gate signals with interesting features like variable gate length, variable sequence length, three playback modes and a header for an expansion module. With he internal clock generator you can use the Moskwa as a self-contained sequencer.

    XAOC Devices - Moskwa - front
    former retail price €242.86 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  17. Studio electronics SE1X Nova Red Eye

    Due to the 3000th SE1x produced, Studio Electronics introduces a new limited version, the SE1x NOVA (aka. "Angel Dust"). Beyond the deep black faceplate with blood-red elements there are also some technical improvments! The second VCO now has a sine wave instead a triangle; a FUZZ-distortion for a huge saturation is also on board. The envelopes became even quicker and the frequency range of the filters was expanded. Additionaly there´s a new "Custom Scroggins Techno Sound Bank" and two further enw sound banks. Therefore the Red Eye now features 693 preset sounds! So there are some reasons to have a closer look on the californian bass monster!

    Studio Electronics SE1X Nova Edition - RedEye--9-
    former retail price €1,890.76 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  18. Flame Talking Synth module

    As a spinoff of the discontinued and sought-after MIDI Talking Synth Flame now releases a new Eurorack module; the Talking Synth. This product is also based on the SpeakJet chip that produces idiosyncratic sounds: from more or less sick robot speech to obscure synthesizer sounds. The SpeakJet is not sample based as you might think, it has its own sound engine.

    Flame Talking Synth Eurorack module
    former retail price €184.03 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  19. Teenage Engineering OP-1 radio antenna

    Small telescope antenna with a 3.5mm (1/8") for receiving FM radio via the OP-1 by Teenage Engineering.

    Teenage Engineering OP-1 Radio Antenna--9-
    former retail price €15.97 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  20. Tom Oberheim - Son Of 4Voice

    (Namm update:) The So4V unfortunately can not be confirmed for shipment in the soon future, probably a two voice with keys and sequencer will be done earlier, we are ready to shift existing reservations if clients agree.

    The unit is buit around four classic Synthesizer Expander Modules (SEM) that can be played four-voice polyphonic by a special polyphonic programmer.  The SO4V may be used as a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer or as four individual synthesizers under MIDI control. Two  SO4Vs can be ganged together to create an 8-voice.

    The SEMs are 100% discrete analog - no custom chips were used.

    New state of the art Voice Control and Programmer retains all features of the original Four Voice Programmer and Keyboard control modules while adding new capabilities.

    Tom Oberheim Son of 4Voice -unwahrscheinlich---9-
    former retail price €4,668.07 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  21. 4ms RCD breakout DIY kit

    The breakout expander module for 4ms´ rotating clock divider as a do-it-yourself kit.

    4ms RCD breakout DIY kit
    former retail price €49.58 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  22. Delptronics LDB-1e expander

    Expansion module for the LDB1e (Little Drummer Boy eurorack module) by Delptronics. It offers per voice an individual output with level control and a mix output, also with volume control.

    Delptronics LDB-1 expander--9-
    former retail price €96.64 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  23. Synthrotek - Deluxe Power Module (5A, 4HP)

    Most power for the best money! The Deluxe Power knows how to impress with 90W and it offers 5 Amperes of current for your modular system!
    The 4HP wide faceplate has a USB socket providing +5V to which you connect consumers like an USB lamp or USB-powered devices. Great idea as the system provides for a lot of +5V!

    Recommended by case manufacturers as the best power solution!

    Tiptop Audio uZeus MODUL w/ flying bus board--9-
    former retail price €130.25 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  24. Happy Nerding - HM VCO

    Six HP wide analog oscillator which uses an integrated VCO circuit by Hearn Morley, providing for stable tracking, great FM response and fat sounding PWM. The frequency potentiometer features ten turns, perfectly calibrated to one turn per octave. Due to precisely matched positive and negative signal levels this VCO is the perfect companion to the FM Aid and a great oscillator for FM.

    Happy Nerding FM Aid front
    former retail price €192.44 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  25. Moog VX-351 Voyager CV-Output Expander

    CV-Expander for all models of the Moog Voyager, with a simple printer cable it is connecting the synth as a controller to many CV-outputs to be jacked into other analogue synth modules or modular components. This expander is making the Voyager a unique and uncomparable masterkeyboard for everything.

    Moog VX-351 Voyager CV Output Expander
    former retail price €251.26 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  26. Expert Sleepers ES-2-2 (aluminium faceplate)

    The ES-2-2 reliably and quickly converts control voltages from your modular system into control data for your DAW via the audio line of the audio interface

    Expert Sleepers ES-2-2 Alu--9-
    former retail price €74.79 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  27. STG soundlabs .COM

    The .COM module contains comparator and divider circuits, suited for audio signals. They generate square waves out any audio signal and create four types of sub-octaves, PWM is possible as well.

    STG soundlabs .COM--9-
    former retail price €150.42 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  28. Vermona Mono Lancet

    The Mono Lancet is a compact analog synthesizer with a big sound, a comprehensive faceplate layout and distinctive charm. The desktop housing is painted metallic-anthracite and looks really great with ivory colored side panels and knobs.Two analog VCOs which can be detuned provide for a massive sound fundament. The Lancet has a very dense sound, a really nice sounding filter and can be used not only as a bass-synth!

    Vermona Mono Lancet
    former retail price €348.74 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  29. Intellijel Designs - 7U Case (84 HP / TPS80W) incl. power cable

    High end cases for middle-class prices – Intellijel’s aluminum cabinets are sturdy, yet lightweight. They come equipped with reliable, high-performance power supplies.

    The 7U Case offered here features two 3 U rows and a 1 U row with 84 HP each. The latter can be filled with all kinds of space-saving utility modules, for instance a MIDI CV converter, a quad attenuator and / or a digital reverb processor. The integrated power supply TPS80W delivers 3 A at +12 V and -12 V as well as 1.5 A at +5 V. Thanks to a carrying handle and a solid lid, the 7U case is perfect for mobile setups.

    Intellijel Designs - Jellysquasher
    former retail price €504.20 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  30. Rebel Technology - Chronos

    In 6HP Chronos integrates a tap-tempo generator and a LFO which is synchronised to tap-tempo. Both sections can be used individually because you can sync the LFO alternatively to an external clock.

    ALM Busy Circuits - Pamela´s Workout--9-
    former retail price €147.06 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  31. Mutable Instruments - Shelves Expander

    Expander module which makes the individual outputs of the Shelves' parametric filter sections directly accessible.

    Phase-out model - sales only as long as our stock lasts.

    Mutable Instruments - Ripples--9-
    former retail price €41.18 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  32. Erica Synths - Eurorack Case 140mm deep (1,3A universal PSU)

    140mm deep Eurorack case made of aluminium, offering two rows @ 84HP width. An universal power supply (110V-240V) with 1.3 as well as a power distribution with two buss boards is integrated. The case is delivered with wooden side panels and can be expanded by double wooden panels or rack ears.

    Doepfer Mini Case roh/raw 32TE
    former retail price €344.54 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  33. MidiKabel/DINsync ? 3m ? PCV

    3m black audiocable for midi data and for DIN-sync solutions useable, too.

    MidiKabel/DINsync - 3m - PCV
    former retail price €3.28 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  34. Acidlab - 8LMHT Tom/Conga

    Out of production.

    The same rare germanium diodes like these in the TR-808 are used in this module which simultaneosuly offers the TR-808's low, mid and high Tom drum sounds. Of course each instrument can be triggered individually and gives the possibility to select between the Tom and the Conga sound.

    Acidlab - 8SD--9-
    former retail price €210.08 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  35. Metasonix R-53 - Waveshaper / Ringmod

    Out of production. Sales only while stock lasts.

    The R-53 is directly derived from Metasonix´ legendary TM-1 device.  It is a tube wave shaper and a tube ring modulator module

    Metasonix R53 - waveshaper / ringmod--front
    former retail price €385.71 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  36. Orthogonal Devices - ER-101 (People's Choice)

    We will not be getting this unit anymore because OD has stopped reselling to dealers. Please buy directly.

    Unique and pretty complex digtal real-time sequencer with four tracks and memory. It makes it possible to compose sequences with thousands of steps with variable duration, variable gate length, arbitrary scales. Smooth tempo-matched transitions; mathematical functions per step; copy/paste; note repeat (ratchet) and shuffle per step. New firmware can be easily loaded via USB and the module can be expanded.

    Make Noise René--9-
    former retail price €604.20 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  37. Studio electronics SE1X monosynth

    The SE1X from the US manufacturer Studio Electronics ? an improved version of the SE1 ? is a monophonic analog synthesizer with memory, which became yet a legend in HipHop and RandB because of its deep basses and fattest lead sounds. Now it offers 198 new preset sounds ,each 398 memory locations in RAM and ROM, three MIDI-syncable LFOs, extended MIDI possibilities and even more. The clean front panel resembles of the Minimoog, so you have a great overwiev and can find all controls very quickly. The sound has to be described as fat: ultra-deep and still crystal-clear basses, punchy, sharp leads and crisp percussive sounds. The SE1X sounds just huge! And least but not last: custom graphics are available upon request.

    Studio Electronics SE1X Black Polished (standard)--9-
    former retail price €1,806.72 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  38. Flame - FX6

    The FX6 is a very compact, digital stereo effect module with six nice sounding effect programs. Although you can control the parameters only manually you have three of them. Furthermore the FX6 is tiny and it´s price is unbeatable!

    The pitch shifter, the flanger and especially the pitch echo did convince us as those are funny effects.

    Flame FX6 Eurorack module
    former retail price €83.19 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  39. Doepfer FP5 foot controller

    The FP5 foot controller is a great addition for synthesizers, controller keyboards and such. Combined with the module A-177-2 it can be used with an Eurorack system as well.

    former retail price €42.02 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  40. The Harvestman - Piston Honda ROM Expander

    The ROM expander for the Piston Honda module is easily piggybacked on the module's board and it offers you six additional slots for sound chips.

    The Harvestman ROM Expander f. Piston Honda
    former retail price €35.29 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  41. AniModule - SOB Filter/Wavefolder

    Sell-out. Only one in stock. Sales as long as stock lasts of course.

    State-variable multimode filter with an adjustable wave folder before the filter input and a vactrol for dynamically controlling the filter. As you can blend between the folded sound and the original signal pre-filter input, you can get a very wide range of sounds. The SOB module can sound from pretty nice to very hard. Besides thsi: you can use the SOB to process CVs as well!

    Doepfer A-106-1 X-Treme Filter
    former retail price €175.63 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  42. Intellijel designs Azimuth 2

    The Azimuth 2 is an entirely new circuit and more flexible than the original module. You can use it as a VCA, as a panner, crossfader, balancer and also for enhancing he stereo width of an audio signal. Azimuth 2 offers a header for internal connection to the uJack module.

    Intellijel designs Azimuth 2
    former retail price €231.09 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  43. Toppobrillo - Mixiplexer

    The Mixiplexer is a "mixing multiplexer", also known as an interpolating scanner. You can crossfade between four sources or route to four destinations, for example to mix signals if create new timbres. Normalizations allow for a number of uses of the different channels.

    Toppobrillo  Mixiplexer--9-
    former retail price €242.86 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  44. Trouby Modular GDR EQ

    The GDR EQ is a passive equalizer derived from schematics of vintage equipment. The module features six bands with fixed frequencies. In detail, there are a high-pass and four band-passes with a slope of -6 dB per octave plus a -12 dB low-pass. In use, the GDR EQ shines with accented, clearly analog sound. - A great choice for removing problematic components from a signal.

    Trouby Modular JACK8--9-
    former retail price €108.40 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  45. Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 (TB-303 filter)

    Monophonic analog synthesizer with flexible sound generation (2 VCOs, cross modulation, noise, ringmod) as well as overdrive and feedback. Loopable envelopes and a MIDI-syncable LFO are there for modulation duties. Patch sockets for contol voltages enable interfacing e.g. with a modular synth.

    The synth is capable of many sounds, from mighty leads, thick basses, crazy FM sounds to cutting sync sounds.
    Boomstar 3003 has a TB-303 style filter.

    Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 (303)
    former retail price €990.76 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  46. Itijik - Router

    We don't carry this product anymore

    Among the existing eight-channel sequential switches the Router by [itijik] is the most compact one. Due to the size fetures known from the A-152 or Erica's switch have been omitted, yet the Router has his very own and unique functions like Hold, reverse direction and individuakl gate outputs.

    Doepfer A-152  Voltg. addressed SundH/Switch
    former retail price €205.88 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  47. ADDAC 207 - Intuitive Quantizer

    We don't offer this module anymore.

    Four-channel quantizer module with intuitive operation, a keyboard mode, transposing, variable gate length, user definable scales and definable notes intervals for generating chords. Microtonal options allow for more than 12 notes per octave. Settings and 11 presets can be saved in the non-volatile memory.

    ADDAC 207 Intuitive Quantizer
    former retail price €323.53 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  48. Pittsburgh Modular - Patch Box Enclosure

    Out of production.

    The idea of using a modular system as an effect is straightforward and not new, but so far there was no possiblity to use it adequately as a floor device. The Patch Box ends it all!
    It is more than just a 42HP case with power supply but also an aufio in-/output, pre-aplifier with overdrive, a multiple, two freely configurable foot switches and beyond that there's a true bypass switch and connections for two expression pedals that are transalted into CVs.
    The possibilities are vast: overdrive effect, foot control over CV-able parameters, dual foot switching between two effects, or between dry & wet, connecting and processing a guitar ... and so much more!

    Pittsburgh Modular - Patch Box Enclosure
    former retail price €323.53 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  49. ADDAC cable hanger (one slot)

    Cable hanger for Eurorack patch cords. Hanger has one long slot for cables.

    ADDAC cable hanger (one slot)
    former retail price €12.61 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  50. Pittsburgh Modular - 4HP blank panel

    A 4HP wide aluminium blank panel with Pittsburgh modular´s logo.

    Pittsburgh Modular - blank panel 4HP--9-
    former retail price €4.12 (VAT excl.) No longer available!

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