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  1. Anyware Instruments Tinysizer

    The Tinysizer by Anyware Instruments is probably one of the smallest modular syntheiszers in the world. It can be placed upright like a PC monitor with the integrated stand. 340 (!) patchpoints are integrated in the form of high-quality multipoint connectors which are patched by jump wires. 30 of those "micro patchcords" are included, further ones can be purchased in local electronic shops.

    Anyware Instruments Tinysizer--9-
    former retail price €1,084.03 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  2. Audio Damage - Boomtschak

    Boomtschak - one of the most powerful entirely analog drum voices in Eurorack. As sound sources it uses an oscillator with waveshaper, a filtered noise or the mix of both. Not less than three flexible envelope generators are included, for pitch bending and the amplifiers. The resonant multi-mode filter can be fed with external audio signals instead the noise generator. The module's frequency range is huge, thus allowing for using it as a synthesizer voice.

    Audio Damage - DubJr
    former retail price €478.15 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  3. Audio Damage - Dimensions

    This digital module is specialized in one effect only: thick, juicy and fantastic chorus, thanks to automatic routing ieven in true stereo. It offers internal modulation, feedback and has two different chorus modes whose slightly different sound you might already know from the Audio Damage plug-ins Fluid and Dimensions.
    The module's DSP works with proper 24Bit and 48kHz and also the mechanical quality is rock-solid.

    former retail price €276.47 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  4. Audio Damage - DubJr Mk2

    Dub Junior's Mk2 version also is based in the delay algorithms used in the Audio Damage Plug In Dubstation and the old DubJr module but it has been clearly enhanced and improved regarding as well the features as the mechanical quality. It is a delay module with clock synchronization and tap-tempo, 24Bit/48kHz quality, two modes, two timpbres and external feedback loop. A worthy successor to the best-selling, venerable DubJr.

    Audio Damage - DubJr
    former retail price €276.47 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  5. Audio Damage - Proton

    Although the Proton makes for a pretty nice delay its main focus of attention is a type of physical modeling called Karplus-Strong synthesis. It creates percussive sounds which resemple a plucked nylon strong but Proton is able to twist them in a strong way by filtering and by adding noise impulses.

    Audio Damage - DubJr
    former retail price €335.29 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  6. Audio Damage - Shapes

    Besides true stereo wave shaping the digital Shapes module offers the possiblity to scan one of 16 interpolated wavetables using audio and CV inputs. To do this you can induct any input signal, from a sine oscillator to an entire stereo sum, whereupon the grade of erosion or destruction rises with the complexity of the audio material.

    former retail price €276.47 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  7. Brandon Smith´s Piston Honda ROMs

    Brandon Smith's set of 4 EPROMS with sound banks for the Piston Honda.
    You can exchange the pre-installed ROM chips with other ones to get new sounds and wavetables. To install all four Eeproms simultaneously you need a Harvestman ROM expander for the Piston Honda which will give you the possiblitly to have six eeproms installed in your module.

    The Harvestman Piston Honda ROM from B. Smith
    former retail price €33.61 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  8. Elektron Analog Four

    Not in our portfolio anymore

    The name already indicates it: the Analog Four by Elekron continas four independent monophonic synthesizers in one unit. Besides the entirely analog voice circuitry with two oscillators and two filters per synth and plenty of modulation possibilities the Analog Four has FX and also a step sequencer that can output CV/gate signals as well.

    Elektron Analog Four
    former retail price €1,041.18 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  9. Kilpatrick Audio K1600 Midi/CV Interface

    Kilpatrick´s K1600 is a duophonic MIDI/CV converter module. It converts your MIDI signals into control voltages, gates, triggers, gates

    Kilpatrick Audio K1600 MIDI/CV interface--9-
    former retail price €369.75 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  10. Kilpatrick Audio K2579 sequencer

    The K2579 module by Kilpatrick audio is a very complex two-part step sequencer  which can be controlled simultaneously by control voltages and MIDI data. It has a non-volatile memory for sequences and songs and allows for polyphonic or multitimbral use. Many parameters like playback direction gate length, step lenght etc can be controlled and enable rhythically interesting sequences.

    Kilpatrick Audio K2579 Sequenzer--9-
    former retail price €368.91 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  11. Knas - The Ekdahl Polygamist

    You can expect the first synthesizer from Knas to be different and that is what it is: not your typical clean synth. The subrtactive architecture may look very familiar but the 2 VCOs (one is a subharmonic oscillator), the filter and the envelope have a certein twist. The synth has a duophonic ribbon controller, a semi-modular layout, a quantizer, pre-amp, a MIDI/CV interface and even USB.

    KNAS The Ekdahl Polygamist
    former retail price €1,218.49 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  12. Manhattan Analog MTX - Morphing Terrarium expander

    Expansion module for the E350 Morphing terrarium by Synthesis Technology. It adds two functions that otherwise are only accessible via jupers on the backside of the E350 and has an attenuator in addition.

    Manhattan Analog MTX (Morphing Terrarium Expander) 1
    former retail price €74.79 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  13. Manhattan Analog Mutinator

    Out of production.

    This module is a so-called OR-combiner i.e. a circuitry that mixes trigger and gate signals. The mutinator contains four, partially normalized channels with each two inputs that can be manually routed or muted. It works great in combination with drum modules and several trigger sources like sequencers etc.

    Manhattan Analog Mutinator--9-
    former retail price €142.86 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  14. Mungo Enterprises - w0 Arbitrary Oscillator

    Digital oscillator with a huge frequency range and the possibility to read your own waveforms in .wav format from a SD card in addition to the internal wave forms. Ultra-stable tracking due to it's digital core make it perfect for FM sounds. Phase and symmetry of the waveforms can be voltage controlled.

    Mungo Enterprises - w0
    former retail price €503.36 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  15. Mungo Enterprises - Zoom module

    All modules from Mungo's Zero series offer a Zoom function to operate all potentiometers (parameter controls and attenuators) with coarse, normal or fine resolution. This is especially super useful for oscillator frequencies and delay times. The Zoom module enables this function.

    Mungo Enterprises - Zoom module
    former retail price €27.73 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  16. OTO Biscuit digital effect

    BISCUIT is a stereo sound effect processor. Thanks to a subtle blend of 8-bit digital and analog processing, BISCUIT is able to create a wide range of sounds. It goes from 8-bit character and lo-fi digital artefacts to numeric distortions.
    BISCUIT is very useful to add depth and texture to any kind of electronic sounds. It works best with synthesizers (digital or analog), bassline, drum machines, loops, samplers or computers, but you can use it with any other sources.
    BISCUIT is basically an enhanced bit depth and sample-rate reducer, known as "bitcrusher", followed by an analog filter and a simple mixing section (dry/wet). It also offers other features like removing or inverting each of the 8 bits, changing the sample rate from 250Hz to 30kHz, or adding one of the four effects (waveshaper, delay, pitch shifter and step filter).
    Biscuit is MIDI compatible.
    You can save the whole BISCUIT settings (potentiometers and switches) in 16 presets. A SysEx dump function let you save and recall as many presets you want on your computer.

    OTO Biscuit--9-
    former retail price €452.94 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  17. The Harvestman - Black Locust

    Black Locust, the improved successor of the old Stilton Adaptor is a four-channel guitar effects pedal adaptor for your synth, using each channel as a FX send/return for one pedal. It offers gain adjustment and a dry/wet control per channel. Alternatively you can use each channel as a guitar pre-amplifier.
    With no external input signals, the four pedals can operate in a closed feedback loop, self-generating audio signals that are impossible to directly control - only influence.

    The Harvestman - Black Locust
    former retail price €268.91 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  18. The Harvestman - Double Andore MkII

    The Double Andore's Mk2-version is also a dual digital envelope, featuring a cycle mode, digital waveshaping, integrated VCAs and cross modulations betweeen channels.
    In comparison to the Mk1 the new version is much more reliable and stable but has been improved in a number of ways and the face plate layout is more comprehendible.

    The Harvestman Double Andore--9-
    former retail price €399.16 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  19. The Harvestman - Hertz Donut MkII

    The Hertz Donut is a dual digital oscillator. It consists of a main oscillator and a modulation oscillator. Due to internal connections FM and AM between the two oscillators is done very easily. Pushbuttons allow for different routing and tracking options and wave selection.
    Besides linear FM there is also possibility of true thru-zero FM which will expand sonic capabilities even more!

    The Harvestman Hertz Donut MK II
    former retail price €407.56 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  20. The Harvestman - Polivoks VCG

    Harvestman´s second part of the cooperation with Mr. Vladimir Kuzmin, the inventor of the soviet vintage Polivoks synthesizer, is a sawtooth-based VCO from this machine in the Eurorack form factor.

    The Harvestman Polivoks VCG
    former retail price €222.69 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  21. The Harvestman - Zorlon Cannon MkII

    Dual voltage controlled random generator for pulse signals and pitched digital noise. The design of the module is inspired by the unique sound engine of vintage Atari computers. The MkII version of the Zorlon Cannon is an entirely new circuit and each sub-unit has four individual outputs, a mix output and editable settings per output

    The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon
    former retail price €377.31 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  22. The Harvestman Double Andore

    Not in production anymore; replaced by Mk2 version.

    Another module in the nowadays popolar manner of dual modules. Here a envelope generator with digital waveshaping and a VCA are offered per "channel". The envelope generator has a number of of wavetables for changing it´s shape and probably you will have the possibility to expand the number of wavetables in future, similar to the Piston Honda´s ROMS.
    The VCAs can operate in LIN or EXP mode. Crossmodulation between them is possible as well.

    The Harvestman Double Andore--9-
    former retail price €415.97 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  23. The Harvestman Quotile Ultimatum

    Quotile Ultimatum is a quad polarizer mixer module with master offset and a LED-bargraph for displaying 1V steps.

    The module has been developed for using it together with the Zorlon Cannon but it will also work for itself with any other signal inserted.

    The Harvestman Quotile Ultimatum
    former retail price €147.06 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  24. The Harvestman Stillson Hammer

    Not in production anymore

    Burst generator  with six outputs. A manual button press (or external gate input) will start a "burst" of repeated gate events coming out of a selected range of outputs.

    The Harvestman Stillson Hammer
    former retail price €256.30 (VAT excl.) No longer available!

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