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  1. Analogue Systems - RS8000 cabinet

    Four-storied wooden cabinet made of finest walnut wood, intended for mounting 3U modules by Analogue Systems. It provides as power supply and a "trink line". Each of the RS8000's four rows offers 84HP space for modules.

    Tiptop Audio Station 252 Black Widow--9-
    former retail price €2,512.61 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  2. Analogue Systems - Sorceror

    The Sorceror is the ideal solution for a keyboard-based medium-sized modular system as its beautiful walnut case houses both a 49-key keyboard as well as a cabinet for modules.
    The keyboard in the bottom half features MIDI, CV plus elaborate keyboard and wheel controls, while the upper part is a cabinet with 168HP space for modules. Pretty much like a Demon keyboard with an Apprentice cabinet on top combined in one unit.

    Analogue Systems - Sorceror
    former retail price €2,008.40 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  3. Analogue Systems / Cliff - 15cm patchcables (5-Pack)

    Set with five quality patchcords by Cliff, 15cm long. Each one cable in green, yellow, blue, red and white.

    former retail price €10.92 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  4. Analogue Systems RS-190 VU-Meter / Inverter

    RS-190 is out of production

    The RS-190 combines a real analog VU meter with an inverter

    Analogue Systems RS-190  VU-Meter / Inverter Modul
    former retail price €142.02 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  5. Analogue Systems RS-240 Bode Freq Shifter

    Faithful reproduction of the legendary and rare analog frequency shifter from the Moog modular system, designed by Harald Bode. The RS-240impresses with features like exponential and linear shifting scales, integrated squelch circuitry, very clear sound and several audio outputs ... yeah, and by that HUGE knob ;)

    Analogue Systems RS-240 Bode Freq Shifter--9-
    former retail price €1,350.00 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  6. Anyware Instruments Tinysizer

    The Tinysizer by Anyware Instruments is probably one of the smallest modular syntheiszers in the world. It can be placed upright like a PC monitor with the integrated stand. 340 (!) patchpoints are integrated in the form of high-quality multipoint connectors which are patched by jump wires. 30 of those "micro patchcords" are included, further ones can be purchased in local electronic shops.

    Anyware Instruments Tinysizer--9-
    former retail price €1,084.03 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  7. Innerclock Systems - SyncGen2 LS (Eurorack)

    Sync Gen 2 LS is a module for sample-accurate rhythmical pulse synchronisation between your DAW and your Eurorack modular system. Or in simple words: for creating a perfect clock from your computer!
    The clock is available at several minijack sockets and in addition there is a MIDI clock output and a DIN-Sync output!

    Innerclock Systems SyncGen2 LS module
    former retail price €495.80 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  8. Innerclock Systems Sync-Shift MkIII

    Having been split up in three components the sync shifter is serving many conversion problems offering you better timings and grooves just in time while using midi and sync24/Din sync based hardware.

    Innerclock Systems Sync Shift Mk3
    former retail price €394.12 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  9. Innerclock Systems SyncGen2 PRO

    The bigger version of Innerclock's Sync-Gen again generates a very stable MIDI clock via your computer's audio interface but it has been expanded by a number of MIDI Clock outputs and even DIN Sync outputs.

    Innerclock Systems SyncGen2 PRO--9-
    former retail price €533.61 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  10. Manhattan Analog MTX - Morphing Terrarium expander

    Expansion module for the E350 Morphing terrarium by Synthesis Technology. It adds two functions that otherwise are only accessible via jupers on the backside of the E350 and has an attenuator in addition.

    Manhattan Analog MTX (Morphing Terrarium Expander) 1
    former retail price €74.79 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  11. Manhattan Analog Mutinator

    Out of production.

    This module is a so-called OR-combiner i.e. a circuitry that mixes trigger and gate signals. The mutinator contains four, partially normalized channels with each two inputs that can be manually routed or muted. It works great in combination with drum modules and several trigger sources like sequencers etc.

    Manhattan Analog Mutinator--9-
    former retail price €142.86 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  12. Sherman Rodec Restyler

    Sherman preist dieses außergewöhnliche Analogfilter primär bei DJs an, sicher werden hier auch zahlreiche Produzenten und Liveacts fündig: Die Eingangsstufe bringt das eingehende Signal gut auf Pegel und lässt auch heftigste Distortion zu! Der Effekt lässt sich mit dem Mix-Regler weich einblenden oder mit dem großzügigen Transform-Taster abrupt einschalten. Jedes Frequenzband (LP, BP, HP) lässt sich anteilig zum Originalsignal zumischen und mit positiver wie auch negativer Amplitudenmodulation einstellen. Zudem kann die Flankensteilheit jedes Bandes zwischen 12 und 24 dB umgeschaltet werden. Der Mastercutoff (blau) arbeitet mit den drei AM Reglern zusammen, wobei der Slavecutoff (grün) mit dem FM-Regler am besten funktioniert. Unterhalb jeden Bandes finden sich je 2 LEDs. Je nach angezeigter Farbe (blau oder grün) wirkt der Master- oder Slavecutoff am effektivsten! Die drei weißen Potis beeinflussen das Groove-Verhältnis des Filters. Auf diese Weise kann man mal eben den kompletten Groove in-sync mit dem Restyler zerfräsen und es macht grossen Spass. -Der Klang ist schön warm und fett und bietet in seinem Dynamikumfang ein ungeahntes Spektrum. Man darf gespannt sein, wie viele Clubanlagen unter der Herrschaft des RESTYLERS demnächst ihr Ende finden werden…

    Sherman Restyler--9-
    former retail price €419.33 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  13. Sidsonic Libraries - Circus Circuit bending library

    A very wicked virtual instrument based on the NI Kontakt Player, including multi-samples of 14 different units that were modified by the use of circuit bending. Instruments, drum machines and child´s educational toys with speech output like Roland TR-505, Korg DDD5, Casio SK-1, TexasInstruments Speakand Spell were circuit bent. The result ranges from very wild digital sounds with lots of artifacts over chaotic lo-fi sounds to brute digital distortion.

    Sidsonic Libraries - Circus Circuit bending library--9-
    former retail price €79.83 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  14. Sidsonic Libraries - TUBES!

    Sidsonic Libraries´ second product, the piercing and wicked sample library TUBES! is based just as it´s brother Circus Circuit on the NI Kontakt Player and offers you 134 multi samples of vacuum tube machines. To be precise Metasonix products have been sampled for this library; on the one hand the tube synthesizer s-1000 Wretchmachine and on the other the out-of-production distortions/destroyers KV-10 Assblaster and the great TM-7 Scrotum Smasher.

    Those who can´t afford the Wretchmachine or have no chance ot get the other units but absolutely want to use their tube sound should definitely have a look on this sample library.

    Sidsonic Libraries - TUBES!--9-
    former retail price €79.83 (VAT excl.) No longer available!

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