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  1. Brandon Smith´s Piston Honda ROMs

    Brandon Smith's set of 4 EPROMS with sound banks for the Piston Honda.
    You can exchange the pre-installed ROM chips with other ones to get new sounds and wavetables. To install all four Eeproms simultaneously you need a Harvestman ROM expander for the Piston Honda which will give you the possiblitly to have six eeproms installed in your module.

    The Harvestman Piston Honda ROM from B. Smith
    former retail price €33.61 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  2. Maker.IE - Patchblocks (black)

    The licensed Eurorack version of the programmable mini synthesizer Patchblocks allows the user to to program and to customize the module's behaviour via a intuitive software editor.
    Some of the functions the module is capable of are VCO, clock divider, envelope and random generators, counter, shepard generator, sequencer, MIDI converter and many more. It is even possible to use it as a sample player (e.g. for drums) or as an effect.

    Maker.IE - Patchblocks (black)
    former retail price €158.82 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  3. Ploytec 34One II MIDI tap tempo pedal

    Einfach und genial aber vor allem: es funktioniert! Wer als Keyboarder, Percussionist oder DJ  seine laufenden Sequenzer zu human variierendem Tempo oder auch einfach zum DJ-Beat synchronisieren will oder muss, ist mit dem 34oneII-Pedal gut beraten.

    Nach einer kurzen Eingewöhnungszeit trifft man die eins und kann auch Temposchwankungen gekonnt abfangen oder aufholen, es werden immer die letzten fünf Taps zur Berechnung des laufenden Tempos benutzt. Wenn man länger als 1 Sekunde auf dem Taster steht, sendet das Pedal auf allen Kanälen einen Stop-Befehl und verbraucht ab sofort nichts mehr von dem Strom der Batterie. Die Lebensdauer des 9V Blocks liegt oberhalb von 50 Stunden.

    Ploytec 34oneII Midi-clock-Pedal V2--9-
    former retail price €100.84 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  4. Polyend - Perc Pro

    With the Perc Pro, you can add an acoustic drummer to your setup. In contrast to the counterpart made of flesh and blood, this drum system always plays tight and never gets tired. In addition, Perc Pro doesn’t mind to play everyday items instead of kick, snare, cymbal and so forth. – Bottles, cans or sheets of metal. Lots of stuff works great as a percussion instrument. Simply connect your MIDI or CV / gate equipment and start experimenting. – A great novelty with enormous creative potential!

    Sequentix Cirklon basic--9-
    former retail price €1,091.60 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  5. Sherman Rodec Restyler

    Sherman preist dieses außergewöhnliche Analogfilter primär bei DJs an, sicher werden hier auch zahlreiche Produzenten und Liveacts fündig: Die Eingangsstufe bringt das eingehende Signal gut auf Pegel und lässt auch heftigste Distortion zu! Der Effekt lässt sich mit dem Mix-Regler weich einblenden oder mit dem großzügigen Transform-Taster abrupt einschalten. Jedes Frequenzband (LP, BP, HP) lässt sich anteilig zum Originalsignal zumischen und mit positiver wie auch negativer Amplitudenmodulation einstellen. Zudem kann die Flankensteilheit jedes Bandes zwischen 12 und 24 dB umgeschaltet werden. Der Mastercutoff (blau) arbeitet mit den drei AM Reglern zusammen, wobei der Slavecutoff (grün) mit dem FM-Regler am besten funktioniert. Unterhalb jeden Bandes finden sich je 2 LEDs. Je nach angezeigter Farbe (blau oder grün) wirkt der Master- oder Slavecutoff am effektivsten! Die drei weißen Potis beeinflussen das Groove-Verhältnis des Filters. Auf diese Weise kann man mal eben den kompletten Groove in-sync mit dem Restyler zerfräsen und es macht grossen Spass. -Der Klang ist schön warm und fett und bietet in seinem Dynamikumfang ein ungeahntes Spektrum. Man darf gespannt sein, wie viele Clubanlagen unter der Herrschaft des RESTYLERS demnächst ihr Ende finden werden…

    Sherman Restyler--9-
    former retail price €419.33 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  6. Snazzy FX - Dreamboat module

    The first Eurorack module by Snazzy FX is a dual Chaos Oscillator. Unlike normal VCOs it is not intended to produce tonal results but for creating chaotic, wild and unpredictable sounds, modulations and gates.

    Snazzy FX - Dreamboat module--9-
    former retail price €189.08 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  7. Sound Study Modular - MIDI 2 CV

    As a clone of the open source project CV PAL by Mutable Instruments the Midi 2 CV is in first line fast as lightning, at least with certain computer operating systems. It offers various modes of operation, a range of four octaves and a resolution of less than 2 mV. It connects and is supplied with power via USB only.

    Synthrotek - MIDI to CV
    former retail price €75.63 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  8. Synthesis Technology - E340 Cloud Generator

    The E340 simultaneously generates eight digital oscillators that can be detuned in relation to each other. The result ranges from soft beatings over supersaw-ish rave pads to organ-like sounds.

    Synthesis Technology E340 Cloudgenerator--9-
    former retail price €315.13 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  9. Synthesis Technology - E350 Morphing Terrarium

    Unique wavetable VCO with 2 independent waveform outputs. What sets the E350 apart from previous wavetable oscillators is the voltage-controlled two-dimensional morphing. Sound is really good and clear.

    Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium--9-
    former retail price €335.29 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  10. Synthrotek - DLY (Delay)

    Just like his small brother, the Echo, also the DLY is built around the same semi-digital bucket-brigade IC (PT2399) and thus has a similar character. But it has been improved in a few points, is more useful as a delay and has a dry/wet function now.
    Doesn't cost much, sounds metalllic and really good, unless you reach the IC's extreme ranges where interesting artifacts happen. :)

    Synthrotek Echo - front
    former retail price €113.45 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  11. Synthrotek - Echo

    Compact, voltage controlled and affordable effect module for creating echos, delays and reverbs. A must for your system, especially regarding the price!

    Synthrotek Echo - front
    former retail price €92.44 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  12. Synthrotek - MIDI to CV

    This MIDI interface definitely stands out because monophonic conversion of MIDI notes (from MIDI In or USB) into CV and gate as well as MIDI Clock to analog clock is one function only. As the USB port in this module can send data too, you might as well convert MIDI data from the DIN socket to USB MIDI (or the other way round) and convert analog clock into MIDI Clock.
    Let's read the sentence one again: use your modular system for generating a MIDI master Clock and synchronise for instance your computer to your modular!!!

    Synthrotek - MIDI to CV
    former retail price €158.82 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  13. Synthrotek - Noise Filtering Distribution Board

    This passive bus board's main feature are the noise filtering capacitors located at three locations of the board. They reduce noise and bleedthru between modules and provide for clean signals. 17 connectors for modules are more than competitors' busboards offer.

    Doepfer A-100 Busplatine
    former retail price €46.22 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  14. The Harvestman - Black Locust

    Black Locust, the improved successor of the old Stilton Adaptor is a four-channel guitar effects pedal adaptor for your synth, using each channel as a FX send/return for one pedal. It offers gain adjustment and a dry/wet control per channel. Alternatively you can use each channel as a guitar pre-amplifier.
    With no external input signals, the four pedals can operate in a closed feedback loop, self-generating audio signals that are impossible to directly control - only influence.

    The Harvestman - Black Locust
    former retail price €268.91 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  15. The Harvestman - Double Andore MkII

    The Double Andore's Mk2-version is also a dual digital envelope, featuring a cycle mode, digital waveshaping, integrated VCAs and cross modulations betweeen channels.
    In comparison to the Mk1 the new version is much more reliable and stable but has been improved in a number of ways and the face plate layout is more comprehendible.

    The Harvestman Double Andore--9-
    former retail price €399.16 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  16. The Harvestman - Hertz Donut MkII

    The Hertz Donut is a dual digital oscillator. It consists of a main oscillator and a modulation oscillator. Due to internal connections FM and AM between the two oscillators is done very easily. Pushbuttons allow for different routing and tracking options and wave selection.
    Besides linear FM there is also possibility of true thru-zero FM which will expand sonic capabilities even more!

    The Harvestman Hertz Donut MK II
    former retail price €407.56 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  17. The Harvestman - Polivoks VCG

    Harvestman´s second part of the cooperation with Mr. Vladimir Kuzmin, the inventor of the soviet vintage Polivoks synthesizer, is a sawtooth-based VCO from this machine in the Eurorack form factor.

    The Harvestman Polivoks VCG
    former retail price €222.69 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  18. The Harvestman - Zorlon Cannon MkII

    Dual voltage controlled random generator for pulse signals and pitched digital noise. The design of the module is inspired by the unique sound engine of vintage Atari computers. The MkII version of the Zorlon Cannon is an entirely new circuit and each sub-unit has four individual outputs, a mix output and editable settings per output

    The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon
    former retail price €377.31 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  19. The Harvestman Double Andore

    Not in production anymore; replaced by Mk2 version.

    Another module in the nowadays popolar manner of dual modules. Here a envelope generator with digital waveshaping and a VCA are offered per "channel". The envelope generator has a number of of wavetables for changing it´s shape and probably you will have the possibility to expand the number of wavetables in future, similar to the Piston Honda´s ROMS.
    The VCAs can operate in LIN or EXP mode. Crossmodulation between them is possible as well.

    The Harvestman Double Andore--9-
    former retail price €415.97 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  20. The Harvestman Quotile Ultimatum

    Quotile Ultimatum is a quad polarizer mixer module with master offset and a LED-bargraph for displaying 1V steps.

    The module has been developed for using it together with the Zorlon Cannon but it will also work for itself with any other signal inserted.

    The Harvestman Quotile Ultimatum
    former retail price €147.06 (VAT excl.) No longer available!
  21. The Harvestman Stillson Hammer

    Not in production anymore

    Burst generator  with six outputs. A manual button press (or external gate input) will start a "burst" of repeated gate events coming out of a selected range of outputs.

    The Harvestman Stillson Hammer
    former retail price €256.30 (VAT excl.) No longer available!

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