Arrel Audio - ER-100 Stereo Summing Mixer


High-end stereo mixer – At first glance, the ER-100 may look like a very expensive piece of gear. However, due to outstanding sound quality, the price is completely justified. The module plays in the same league as professional summing units, which cost several thousand Euros. On top of that, it is compact enough to be housed in a Eurorack case. The manufacturer Arrel has omitted aux sends and CV inputs intentionally to keep crosstalk and noise floor to a minimum. The ER-100 can be connected directly to studio equipment. There’s no need for an output module.

The ER-100 comes equipped with eight channel strips. Each signal path features panorama and level potentiometers as well as a solo button. On the output side, there are main, monitor and headphone channels with volume controls. Additionally, the master signal paths offer inserts for connecting outboard equipment like an equalizer or a compressor. An aux input with two channels allows users to comfortably monitor audio material coming from a computer or multitrack recorder. Thanks to high-grade components, the ER-100 delivers crisp, unadulterated results. Compared to other mixing systems, the module’s treble range sounds much more open and clear. – A big plus for the stereo image. High channel levels lead to rich, very musical saturation effects.



The ER-100 shines with high reliability and excellent sound quality. Its channel strips are composed of unbalanced input jacks plus level and panorama knobs. After being processed, audio material is fed to the main stereo bus. It features inserts, which can be (de)activated via a button. Furthermore, there are separate volume potentiometers for left and right channels. LED VU meters visualize the results. High quality line transformers in front of the balanced outputs increase the signal level to a maximum of +26 dBu.

The monitor and headphone channels share one volume potentiometer. They can be fed from the main audio paths, the stereo aux input or the solo bus. The solo routing is done via switches. Signals are tapped off the channel strips after they got processed by volume and pan stages.

The ER-100’s bandwidth ranges from 5 Hz to 60 kHz with variations of 1 dB. Noise and distortion are below 0,005 percent.


Eight channel inputs
Two aux inputs
Two insert sends and returns
Two main and two monitor outputs
Stereo headphone connector


3U Eurorack module, 28 HP wide, 40 mm in depth

0.3 kg
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