Arrel Audio - ER-130 VC Mid-Side Unit


Creative M/S processor – The ER-130 converts incoming stereo material with left and right channel into mid and side bands. Results can be fed to external modules via two send outputs. After being edited, signals can be returned to the ER-130. The circuit then converts mid and side bands back to left and right channels. Additionally, the module features a potentiometer and a CV input plus attenuator for altering the stereo width. A frequency-adjustable low cut filter allows users to trim the side band.



The ER-130 comes equipped with two inputs for left and right channel of a stereo signal. Inside the module, material gets converted into the M/S format. Results can be tapped off two send connectors. This routing concept makes it possible to alter mid and side elements of a stereo signal separately with all kinds of effects, filters and such. For instance, the user can dampen the mid band with a low pass filter or equalizer, while the side band is treated with a chorus. Results can be returned to the ER-130. The module then converts mid and side signals back to the L/R stereo format. The outcome can be tapped off two connectors. Additionally, the ER-130 offers a potentiometer for influencing the stereo width. A CV input plus attenuator makes it possible to modulate the parameter. The side band can be trimmed via a low cut filter with adjustable frequency.  Thanks to a bypass switch, A/B comparisons can be done in the twinkling of an eye.


Two audio inputs and outputs
Two send and return connectors
CV input


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 40 mm in depth

0.2 kg
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