Audio Damage - Boomtschak


Boomtschak - one of the most powerful entirely analog drum voices in Eurorack. As sound sources it uses an oscillator with waveshaper, a filtered noise or the mix of both. Not less than three flexible envelope generators are included, for pitch bending and the amplifiers. The resonant multi-mode filter can be fed with external audio signals instead the noise generator. The module's frequency range is huge, thus allowing for using it as a synthesizer voice.



Two alternate waveforms, triangle or sine, are offered which furthermore can be warped by the waveshaper. The oscillator is playable tonally over seven octaves via the 1V/octave input and it features a really vast frequency range, starting at 5Hz.
The first envelope generator is responsible for the pitch bending, its parameters are the modulation depth (bidirectional i.e. up- or downwards), the envelope shape and the voltage controllable decay time. The second envelope modulates the VCA and also offers shape and VC decay yet with a fixed intensity.

This section is based around an analog multi-mode filter processing the internal noise generator or alternatively an external signal at the filter input. Using noise as sound source easily hihat sounds can be created while other material provides for a wider sound range. The filter is swithcable between low pass, band pass or high pass characteristic and it features a resonance parameter. the envelope is used for modulating the cutoff frequency. Likewise there is bidirectional depth, shape, and the voltage controllable decay parameter.

The relation between the oscillator and the noise/filter signal determies the voltage controllable parameter "Mix" which allows for adding filtered signals to the tonal osillator sounds. "Level" sets the output volume and the velocity is voltage controllable.

The drum sound is started manually via the button or by a trigger signal. A pluse at the "choke" input cuts off the sound immediately. At the beginning of the drum sound a short percussive signal is generated and "Klick Tone" determines its brightness.


trigger input, velocity input, choke input, audio output
oscillator: 1V/octave pitch input, bend decay CV input, amp decay CV input
noise/filter: cutoff frequency CV input, amp decay CV input, filter input
oscillator/noise mix CV input


3U Eurorack module, 24 HP wide, 16 mm in depth
Power consumption: 105 mA at +12 V and 10 mA at -12 V

0.2 kg
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