Audio Damage - DubJr Mk2


Dub Junior's Mk2 version also is based in the delay algorithms used in the Audio Damage Plug In Dubstation and the old DubJr module but it has been clearly enhanced and improved regarding as well the features as the mechanical quality. It is a delay module with clock synchronization and tap-tempo, 24Bit/48kHz quality, two modes, two timpbres and external feedback loop. A worthy successor to the best-selling, venerable DubJr.



The DubJr Mk2's audio path works with a sampling rate of 48 Kilohertz, a bit rate of 24 Bit and the module has up to one second of sampling time.

The unit can run freely or be sychronized - this is selected with the MODE switch which simultaneously deterrmines whether the module is in resampling mode or not.
In FREE mode the clock input and the tap-tempo button have no effect.
Depending on the mode the TIME/DIV potentiometer either controls the delay time or sets the clock divisor. Modulation of Time/Div when synchronized will generate glitch effects.

The Dry/Wet potentiometer adjusts the relation between the original signal and the effect and of course it is a voltage controllable parameter.
A second switch, TOME, alters the timbre by defeating saturation and filtering inherent Dubsation effect sound, for a crystal clear delay.

The feedback is controllable either manually or via a CV - if a cable is patched to the CV input the potentiometer turns into an attenuator to control modulation depth. The Feedback Out socket is a 100% wet output, unaffected by the MIX control. The Feedback input, when used, changes the topology of the internal structure to inject this input in place of the internal feedback loop. This way you can break up the internal feedback loop and insert effect into the loop.


audio: input, mix output, feedback input, feedback output
CV inputs: time/div, feedback, mix
clock input


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25mm deep
current draw: 40 mA @ +12V and 9mA @ -12V

0.2 kg
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