Audio Damage - DubJr


The DubJr module is a voltage controlled delay effect that accuretely emulates the strange pitch-shift effects like produced by old analog delays but also the variable frequency response, depending on delay time, like BBD delays. It is a digital delay with an analog personality and is known from Audio Damage´s Dubstation Plug-In.



The DubJr's delay algorithm is known from the Dubstation, a plug-in by Audio Damage. The module has been delveloped as many people asked for a hardware version of this delay.
Time sets the delay time from 5ms to 1s. Turning this control while audio is at the input will result in pitch shift effects. Regen is the regeneration, or feedback parameter. In maximum position it will produce an infinite sustain, i.e it will oscillate. Mix sets the blend between original and delayed signal. All three parameters can be voltage controlled and the CVs will be mixed with the values set by the potentiometers.


Audio input (accepts signal leves within ±7V), audio output.
CV inputs for time, regen and mix.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 20mm deep.
Current draw 60mA.

0.2 kg
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