Audio Damage - Errorbox


The Errorbox module uses three digital distortion techniques to mangle your signals: sample rate reduction, bit rate reduction and an unique Error effect. The results range from slight vintage digital flavour to total destruction



SRR controls the sampling rate reduction from 48Hz to 48kHz. Lowering the sampling rate directly affects the frequency range as the high frequencies are being cut off (maximum frequencies range from 24Hz to 24kHz).
BRR controls bit rate, that is the digital resolution of the amplitude, from 1Bit to 16Bit. Depending on the setting the signal gets louder or more noisy and the effects also depends on the input signal level,
ERR adds unpredictable digital errors to the signal and destroys it. ERR and BRR slightly influence each other as at high BRR setting the error effect is less noticeable.
All parameters can also be voltage controlled.


Audio input (accepts levels withing ±7V), audio output. CV inputs for sample rate reduction (SRR), bit rate reduction (BRR) and error (ERR).


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 20mm deep. Current draw 60mA

0.2 kg
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