Audio Damage - FreqShift


The ADM04 FreqShift is a frequency shifter module that omits an elaborate and expensive analog circuitry and instead shifts the frequencies digitally. Compact, affordable and good sounding.



Like analog frequency shifters this module also shifts the frequency of the input signal not by certain interval but rather a certain frequency. This frequency shift affects the fundamental and also all harmonics what can drastically alter the harmonic spectrum of the signal at higher amounts.

The Audio Damage FreqShift has three voltage controllable parameters with CV inputs accepting voltages in the range of ±5V:
SHIFT determines the shift amount. In center position 0Hz, fully counterclockwise max. 1000Hz downshift and fully clockwise max. 6000Hz upshift.
REGEN is the feedback parameter with zero feedback in center position. Counterclockwise the downshifted signal will be fed back, clockwise the upshifted signal
MIX determines the mixture of the original signal (center), the amount set by the SHIFT parameter (left) and finally a mix of up- and downshifted signals.


Audio inut, audio output, CV inputs for Shift, Regen and Mix.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 20mm deep. Current draw: 60mA

0.2 kg
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