Audio Damage - Mad Hatter


The Mad Hatter is a digital noise source which is based on the TR-606's cymbal source and on a shift register noise generator. It can geenrate a whole variety of sounds, from chaotic to white noise.



The module proves to be a very versatile sound source. With the voltage controllable parameter Color you can modulate the clock speed of the shift register and for that reason it's timbre, from chaotic to white noise.
The result is being merged with the oscillator mix of six square waves with the Color parameter being responsible for the oscillators' tuning in a range of one octave.
The oscillators pass, like in the TR-606, two bandpass filters. In addition you can inject an external (noise) signal while Crossfade parameter blends from the external audio over 100% noise to 100% oscillators.
Finally the whole sound mix is processed by a voltage controlable high pass filter.

This noise mix can be sent into a VCA for instance to generate versatile cymbal and hihat sounds that can be modulated.


audio: input and mix output
CV inputs for Color, HPF Frequency and Crossfade


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 20mm deep
current draw 90mA

0.2 kg
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