Audio Damage - Shapes


Besides true stereo wave shaping the digital Shapes module offers the possiblity to scan one of 16 interpolated wavetables using audio and CV inputs. To do this you can induct any input signal, from a sine oscillator to an entire stereo sum, whereupon the grade of erosion or destruction rises with the complexity of the audio material.



Shapes has two selectable modes:
Lookup offers sixteen wavetables with various complexity which are scanned by the input waveform. Using a sine wave the result will resemble a wavetable VCO but with complex, harmonic material the sound may sound abrasive, almost distorted.
Algo contains nine mathematic algorithms for intensive sound processing like wave shaping, various kinds of saturation, distortion, digital lo-fi effects and so on. Some algorithms use two parameters.

There are four parameters, all of them are voltage controllable:

  • Wave/Algo determines which algorithm respectively which wavetable is active.
  • Parameter 1 controls in Lookup mode how deep the wavetable is scanned, ranging from 15% to 100%. In Algo mode the function varies, mostly it is effect depth.
  • Parameter 2 determines in Lookup mode the start position within the wavetable. In Algo mode there is no fixed assignment and sometimes the parameter is unused.
  • Mix blands between 100% original signal and 100% effect signal.

The signal processing is entirely stereo as theleft and right channel are processed completely separately of each other, yet they share mode and controls.


audio inputs: left/mono, right
audio outputs: left/mono, right
CV inputs: wavetable/algorithm, parameter 1, parameter 2, mix


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25mm deep
current draw: 40mA at +12V and 9mA at -12V

0.2 kg
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