Audio Damage - Neuron


Audio Damage brings you the Neuron a versatile digital drum voice, sounding good and being utterly flexible. The by-name "FM Drum Voice" is a slight understatement because besides FM sounds the module can do pretty much everything from the electro drum kit: filtered noise makes snare drums possible, a wide frequency range allows for kicks, toms and more, FM provides you with anythind metallic, cymbals and effect sounds. A 2-in-1 distortion and a pitch envelope is abord, too.



As sound source, respectively as carrier signal a single sample of the 909's main oscillator is used whose frequency can be set with TUNE from 20Hz to 1kHz. As FM modulator a pure sine wave is used which is tunalbe via MOD RATE form 5Hz to 1kHz.
As second sound source a noise generator is used which provides you with atonal material for snares and cymbals.
NOISE MIX blands between the oscialltor signal and the noise. The FM depth is set with MOD DPTH. The oscillator signal can be distorted with DISTRESS.

No drum voice without an envelope of which the Neuron has two: a pitch envelope with adjustable PEG DCY and modulation depth (PEG AMNT) as well as a volume envelope whose decay time is set with AMP DCY.

All of Neuron's parameters are voltage controllable.

Input-wise we can find a trigger and an accent socket as well as a choke socket for abruptly cutting off the signal.
The module might as well be triggered manually with a button. A LED shows trigger activity.


trigger, accent and choke inputs
CV inputs: Modulation depth, modulation rate, distress, noise mix, tune, Pitch EG amount, Pitch EG decay, Amp EG decay
Audio output


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 25mm deep
current draw: 50mA @ +12V and 9mA @ -12V

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