Audio Damage - Spectre


Unlike 007 in Spectre it won't shoot people when you but it will freeze a frequenc spectrum when you use the trigger. Spectre by Audio Damage is a Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) based effect module which captures the audio signal and is able to freeze its frequency spectrum. The frozen signal can be pitch shifted, spread in the stereo panorama and mixed with the original to create tuned drones, glitchy spheres, vocal sounds, trippy drums and much more.



The input signal, mono or stereo, is analyzed by Spectre regarding its spectral content. When the trigger button is pushed or a trigger/gate signal (>1 V) is injected to the socket the signale will be frozen. This happens either only for the lenght of the gate signal or constantly until the next trigger command, depanding on the setting of the switch.

Three parameters are available which all can be controlled with voltages (-5V to +5V):
SHIFT is a pitch shifting effect by ±1 octave. The PITCH mode is harmonic and sounds natural, the BIN mode is linear and has a gritty 8Bit character.
BLUR adds an instability to the FFT signal and expresses in a stereo decorrelation. This constantly changes the stereo width, from subtle widening to inharmonic insanity.
MIX sets the relation between the original and the frozen signal.


audio inputs L (mono) + R, audio outputs L (mono) + R
±5V CV inputs for Shift, Blur and Mix
trigger input


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 33mm deep
power consumption: 40mA @ +12V and 9mA -12V

0.2 kg
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