Audiowerkstatt - MIDI-Clock-Divider V2


The Audiowerkstatt MIDI-Clock-Divider V2 is a clock divider for the MIDI clock. Experimental musicians will be happy about this tool, because different sequences and loops get different playback speeds, and still meet again depending on the divider. The small box divides incoming clock signals by 1 to 9. MMC commands (Start, Stop, Continue) are also transmitted. The device saves the settings and is immediately ready for use at the next power up, with the same configuration.



The Audiowerkstatt MIDI-Clock-Divider V2 divides the MIDI clock of the MIDI master, so that the MIDI slave runs correspondingly slower. The division ratios are 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, ..., 1/8, 1/9.

If the division ratio 1/1 is selected, the MIDI clock is simply passed through. With the 1/2 division ratio, the MIDI slave runs at half speed, 16ths become 8ths and the loop is twice as long.

Very helpful to double the loop length of the MIDI slave (e.g. MIDI sequencer). When using the divider factor 1/8, 16ths become half notes and an originally 1 bar long loop runs over 8 bars.

And good for experimental musicians, especially when odd partial ratios are selected and the MIDI master and slave seem to be free-running to each other, but meet again from time to time in perfect synchronization.

In addition, you can set whether only the newly created MIDI clock is output with the MMC commands (Start, Stop, Continue) or whether the data received at the MIDI input is also added.

The MIDI-Clock-Divider comes without an external power supply. A suitable wall wart can be found here.

MIDI DIN input and output
2.1 mm socket for external power supply (9 V to 12 V, the polarity doesn't matter.)


112 mm x 72 mm x 48 mm

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