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Voltage controlled multi mode filter of state variable topology. Not only being small in size but also sounding very tasty and unique. The slopes are rather flat with -12 and -6dB, providing for a rather smooth sound, unless you actvate the switches for the special parameters for resonance character and overdrive, as it will get wild, gnarly and dirty.



Three filter types are available at individual outputs:

  • -12dB per octave low pass (two pole filter)
  • -6dB per octave band pass (one pole filter)
  • -12dB per octave high pass (two pole filter)

Considering the controls the Cinnamon is pretty conventional with each one pot for cutoff and resonance and one attenuator for the cutoff CV. The other CV input tracks 1V per octave and when in self-oscillation it allows for using the filter as a sine wave oscillator whose individual outputs feature phase offset of 0° (LP, 90° (BP) and 180° (HP).

Really interesting stuff happens when you fiddle with the three little switches for sound coloration. The upper two "character switches" influence the resonance behaviour and modify the sine wave but might also disrupt the 1V/octave tracking.
The bottom switch activates the overdrive at the filter input - very good that latter has a level control making it possible to dial in the distortion.


audio: input, band pass output, high pass output, low pass output
cutoff CV inputs: 1x 1V/octave, 1x scaleable


3U Eurorack module, 5HP wide, 35mm deep
maximal power consumption: 30mA @ +12Vand 30mA @ -12V

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