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Jimi Hendrikson would have had a lot of fun which this module, processing his guitar with a modular system or connecting his stomp boxes.
The module is versatile; it can be either a pre-amplifier for guitars and other instruments or a interface for external effects with voltage control of the dry/wet mix. You might as well realize a voltage controllable feedback loop with external effects.



The functions of the inputs and outputs should be clear as well as the potentiometersOutput Volume and Input Gain. The input and output levels are indicated by LEDs.

MIX is a voltge controllable crossfader which belnds between the input and the output. Its output signal is available at the Mix Out socket.
If the Hendrikson is used as pre-amp MIX acts as a VCA. Modulate the parameter with a sine wave for instance to get a tremolo effect.
When used for interfacing effect boxes MIX blends between the original signal and the effect signal. A classic dry/wet parameter.
For a feedback loop the Mix output has to be connected to the output; the MIX parameter controls the feedback amount.


1/4" INPUT patched to 3.5mm socket
MODULAR socket (3.5mm), patched to OUTPUT (1/4")
Mix CV input, Mix audio output


3U Eurorack module, 5HP wide, 45mm deep
current draw: <40mA at +12V and <35mA at -12V

0.15 kg
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