Bastl Instruments - Knit Rider Expander


This narrow module expands the Knit Rider trigger sequencer by reset functions, a clock output and a clock inverter. A passive multiple is an useful add-on.



The CLOCK socket emits a clock pulse after each step i.e. after foru sub-steps.
The RESET sockset has two functions:

  • In master mode it outputs a reset signal each time the start/stop button is pressed.
  • In slave mode it is used as a reset input.

In the bottom half of the module a multiple with a logic inverter is found:
The bottom three sockets are a passive multiple. The INV OUT socket inverts the signal at the multiple. but it is not a voltage inverter (converting e.g. +2V to -2V) but a logic inverter which switches at a voltage threshold of +2.5V: <0V become +5V and >5V become 0V.


Clock output, reset in/output, inverted clock output
passive 3-way multiple


3U Eurorack module, 2HP wide
is supplied with power via the Knit Rider master module

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