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Versatile six-track trigger/gate sequencer which offers up to 256 steps per pattern, yet remaining the fast and easy-to-use workflow of a classic 16-step sequencer. The solution is a smart partition into pattern, bar, step and sub-step as well as very useful functions like clear, copy/paste and undo.
What else: mute per voice, clock generator, step repetition, saving everything on microSD card, record function.


The Knitrider's concept stands out by its partition: one pattern consists of four bars, each bar of 16 steps and each step of four sub-steps. Voilà, that sums up to easily accessible 256 steps per pattern. The module offers a momory for 64 patterns and it can handle six voices simultaneously.
Oeration is simple: press a BAR button to select the bar and set the steps with the sixteen STEPS buttons. Press and hold a step button to access the four sub-steps which are programmed with the four BAR buttons. Setting and erasing steps can be done in realtime when the sequencer is running.

Further functions:

  • record function with quantisation settings
  • play / stop button (for sync in slave mode)
  • mute function for each voice
  • jump function (repeats certain step)
  • adjustable master tempo by Tap Tempo or Up & Down buttons (in 2 bpm steps)
  • active step – sets how many steps there are for each voice or for all instruments. Possibility to deactivate individual steps
  • saves everything on microSD card (accessible from the back side)
  • copy and paste functions for fast workflow (paste for voice, bar or pattern)
  • clear function (for one voice, all voices, active steps in one voice, all active steps)
  • undo function takes you back to the moment when you saved last time


clock input, six track outputs
located on a separate faceplate which can be placed either left or right of the control panel


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 35mmm deep
maximal power consumption: 35mA @ +12V

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