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Bastl call it to the point a "trigger toolie", to be exact this module is a multi-channel processor for clocks, triggers and gates. It has two sections which can be coupled or used individually. In total there are five outputs processing input signals in a different way: by clock delay, clock division or clock multiplication, trigger repetition but also in form of a euclidian sequencer, a probability based groove generator and finally a clock oscillator.



The Little Nerd offers seven programs:

  • "Delayed Divider" combines a clock divider (divisors: 1 to 8) with a clock delay offset
  • "trig2gate" converts a trigger to a gate with adjustable pulse width and the "flop divider" flops the gate status with each clock.
  • "Multiplier" is a classic clock multiplier with factors 1 to 8.
  • "Trigger Repeater" repeats the input pulse. Number and rate of repetitions can be set. Cool for drums.
  • "Euclidian Sequencer" is a 16-step sequendcer with individuall setting of length and amount of fills.
  • "Clock Oscillator" with adjustable pulse width. goes up to audio range, can be used to detune the input frequency.
  • "Probability / Groove": probability of passing a trigger through or not. If set to "groove" every 2nd clock is delayed.

Upper input has an input for digital signals and three processor outputs. The inputs accept clocks, gates or triggers, depending on what you want to process and which program is active.

Bottom unit also has an input but two outputs only. This section can get its signal not only from input 2 but also from input 2. This does not happen in an either/or manner, using the "PROBABILITY MIX" control you can determine the probability of reading out the inputs. Full counterclockwise only input 1 is read, fully clockwise only input 2.


top section: input 1, outputs A, B and C
bottom section: input 2 (normalized to #1 if nothing patched), outputs D and E


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 50mm deep
power consumption <30mA @ +5V

0.15 kg
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