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The name is a nice pun referring to the capabilities of the module: "noise²" alias "squared noise" points to the two types of noise generators in the module: analog and digital. "Square" by itself refers to the square wave generation the module is capable of.
All these signals are especially but not exclusively suitable as base for drum sounds.



The module simultaneously generates six signals:

  • SQUARE: simple square wave with manually and voltage controllable frequency.*
  • COW: two squares as a base for a cow bell sound. fixed frequency ration between the squares.**
  • METALLIC: mix of six digital oscillators, based on the frequency ration of the 808's cymbals. Manually and voltage contollable sampling rate.**
  • WHITE: analog white noise.
  • PINK: analog pink noise.
* = Frequency of the square wave and of cow is influenced simultaneously be the SQUARE potentiometer and the CV SQUARE socket. The fundamental frequency of COW is same like SQUARE's
** = DIGITAL and METALLIC do have individual frequency potentiometers but they share one CV input for modulating them. The switch assigns the destination.


inputs: metallic/digital tune CV, square & cow tune CV
outputs: square wave, cowbell mix, metallic noise, digital noise, white noise, pink noise


3U Eurorack module, 5HP wide, 35mm deep
maximal power consumption: 15mA @ +12V, 15mA @ -12V and 20mA @ +5V

0.15 kg
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