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In this module four linear VCAs are combined in a smart way by using internal routings, inversions and mix outputs to form an easy-to-use voltage controlled mixer/panner module. Each channel might as well be used as a individual VCA or even as a voltage inverter.



The four VCA channels have an identical layout: a signal input with gain control, a signal output as well as a scaleable CV input for controlling the level.

The Quattro Figaro's particularity is that the CV signal will be inverted and available at a socket. What's the reason? Well, on one hand you can use this channel for voltage inversion, on the other hand it is so useful for opposite modulations like pannings! For that reason Bastl instruments installed a couple of useful normalizations in the module :
The signal input of channel A is normalized to signal input B as long nothing is patched to B. The inverted CV of channel A (pre-attenuator) is normalized to the CV input of channel B. Analog the same normalizations are valid for channels C and D.
In plain language: the same audio signal is present at two channels simultaenosuly, the input CV opens the first channel and simultaneously closes the other thus fading the signal between the fisrt and second channel - a classic panning!

At the bottom of the modules there are four mix outputs which allow the Quattro Figaro to be used as a voltage controlled mixer with or without panning:

  • -(A+C): inverted mix of channels A and C
  • -(B+D):inverted mix of channels B and D
  • A+B+C+D: mix of all four channels
  • -(A+B+C+D): inverted mix of all four channels


per channel:
signal input, signal output
CV input, inverted CV output

MIX outputs: -(A+C), -(B+D), A+B+C+D, -(A+B+C+D)


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 35mm deep
maximal power consumption: 40mA +12V and 35mA @ -12V

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