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Not another clone of a far-east TR bass drum, as one might think, but something entirely different: an electronic hobbyist's true vintage Eastern Bloc design from the times of the communist Chechoslovakia.
It has voltage controllable tuning, adjustable resonance and click as well as a number of parallel audio outputs for a number of drum sounds. Pretty interesting and versatile drum voice with a wide frequency range which can be used as a weird oscillator as well.



Similar to a ping'ed filter also the TeaKick's T-Twin ciruitry works with the frequency (TUNE) and resonance parameters. First one sets the tuning of the emulated membrane and the second one the length of decay. But the parameters interact a little bit - the more resonance you dial in the lower the tuning gets. A resonance range switch can limit resonance from self oscillating. But you may skip the limiter if you want to use the module as a kind of VCO becuase the tune parameter is voltage controllable!
The frequency range of the TeaKick module is pretty big and easily the module can generate everything from bass drums over toms to woodblocks.

Futher sound generator there's a click generator which fires a short click with each trigger, similar to a drum stick hitting the metal hoop of a real drum. The Click's tuning affects the T-Twin membrane's spectrum.

Lastly there's a square output and a weird, bandpass-like intput called WTF (what the fuck?) for connecting other modules. Or just connect both sockets and create wild feedbacks? Why not. Anyway, you can experiment a lot with the TeaKick module.


Inputs: Trigger, Tune CV, WTF
outputs: click, square, audio output


3U Eurorack module, 5HP wide, 35mm deep
max. power consumption: 15mA @ +12V and 15mA @ -12V

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