Befaco - BF-22 Sallen-Key Filter


Befaco's dual low/high pass filter BF-22 is inspired by the filter of the early MS-20 which is based on the Sallen-Key filter topography. The tendency of sound is obvious- the filter freaks out, screams and is pretty dirty. The resonance is more present than in the original, though and thanks to befaco it is voltage controllable.
The two filters can be used individually and connected in series.



You can select manually for each filter between the -12dB low pass and the -6dB high pass.
The input level is adjustable and has a vast effect on the general behavoiur. The cutoff frequency parameter has two CV inputs: one has a fixed characteristic of 1V/oct and one features a bi-polar attenuator. The resonance can be voltage controlled, too.

The LINK switch couples the filters and the left filter's output is sent to the input of the right one. This makes it possible to create high/low pass filters with double slope or a band pass filter.
Even whem the filters are coupled, the left filter's signal is available at it's output and can be used individually.

The BF-22 inherited not only the early MS-20's legendary sound but also it's audible noise floor. If noise is a factor for you, the BF-22 is probably not your perfect choice.


per filter:
audio input, audio output
resonance CV input, two cutoff CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 17HP wide, 47mm deep
power consumption: 40mA @ +12V and 35mA @ -12V

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