Befaco - Crush Delay v2


Experimental sound doesn't have to be expensive!

Like various echo/delay modules of recent times also the Crush Delay is based around a PT2399 chip. Indeed, it can handle the clean range of the chip but its area of expertise obviously are the extreme ranges of the chip, full of artefacts, noise and »digital garbage« (to quote Befaco). Sort of circuit bending ex factory.
To audio inutps are great for feedbacks which, nota bene, is equipped with automatic gain control.



The module is equipped with two audio inputs, each with a different routing: the socket IN is sent both to the delay and to the DRY inupt of the dry/wet mix and its level can be modulated via the VCA named IN TO DLY. The other input is the FX Return, being routed exclusively to the delay and with its amplitude controlled by the FX Return VCA.
Likewise there are two outputs: the regular OUT uses the dry/wet mix; FX Send outputs only the pure effect signal.
The advantage of the FX send and return is of course the implementation of external effects or creation of an external feedback. An internal feedback is given as well and its amount is even voltage controllable.

The delay time is set with the voltage controllable parameter SPEED. In a clear range the module has approximately 400 ms delay time, if you like it nasty you can use two seconds.

The module's Crush section represents the circuit bending part: three swtched and three gate inputs activate a number of "bends", generating a variety of timbres like digital noise and glitches.


audio input, audio output, FX send, FX return
3x crush gate inputs
CV inputs for: delay input level, feedback, dry/wet mix, FX return level


3U Eurorack module, 11HP wide, 47mm deep
current draw: 75mA at +12V and 35mA at -12V

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