Befaco - Even VCO


This analog VCO has been designed for ultra-precise tracking, up to 1 cent per octave and it produces a stable frequency even if the operational voltages are drifting. Further yummy features are linear frequency modulation and an unique waveform called EVEN which emphasises the even harmonics.



Befaco attached importance to very precise tracking when designing this oscillator and they can be proud of the impressive results: between C0 and C7 there's a detune of one Cent only, at note C8 four dents and at C9 thirteen cents. Really astonishing for an analog oscillator!

A rotary octave switch with 10 positions (32' to 1/16' or notes C0 to C9) and a detune regler (range +/-7 semitones) are available for setting the pitch. Additionally there are two 1V/octave pitch inputs and a FM input. Oscillator synchronisation is possible through the hard sync input. The pulse width of the square wave vcan be set manually and with a voltage.

Right besides the familiar faces sine, triangle, sawtooth and pulse there's a a fifth wave called EVEN which emphasizes the even harmonics. Watched on the oscilloscope it resembles a mix of a sawtooth and a square, although it's rounder.


2x 1V/octave pitch inputs, linear FM input, hard sync input, PWM CV input
Waveform outputs: trinagle, sine, "even", sawtooth, pulse


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 47mm deep
Power consumption: 36mA @ +12V and 26mA @ -12V

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