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Modular mixing console – Hex Mix comes equipped with six channel strips, each featuring a three-band equalizer, pan and volume knobs plus a mute switch. An additional EQ is situated in the stereo master channel. It was designed for processing mix signals. Furthermore, the master channel offers a volume potentiometer and soft compression. Voltage controlled leveling stages, aux sends and returns as well as direct outs and a headphone output with PFL routing options can be added using the modules Hex Mix VCA and Hexpander. However, if you want to start small, go for the Hex Mix only.



The Hex Mix features six channel strips, each is composed of an audio input, a pan knob, a three-band equalizer, a mute switch and a volume potentiometer. The EQs were designed for hard sound adjustments. LEDs visualize each channel‘s level.

The stereo master channel features another three-band-equalizer, but this time with a smoother sound. – Perfect for giving mix signals the finishing touch. On top of that, there is a compressor with a subtle sound character and a master level potentiometer. Results are emitted via two connectors (L / R).

Using the Hex Mix VCA and the Hexpander, it is possible to add voltage controllable leveling stages, cleverly designed aux channels as well as direct and headphone outputs to the Hex Mix. Together, the modules form a great sounding, very flexible mixing system.


One audio input per channel strip
Left and right audio outputs


3 U Eurorack module, 28 HP wide

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