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Bang! - Befacos Kickall is an extremely focused, fast to use and above all good sounding Kick-Drum module. A complete package to achieve all bass drum shades between (!) 808 and 909. - Without falling into the „clone trap“. It contains exactly the right ingredients for BD sounds of any kind: oscillator with waveshaper from sine to rectangle. Two (decay) envelopes for pitch and volume. A "main" VCA and another full VCA for accent and/or velocity.



The Kickall is not a clone of some well known drum computers. It is a proprietary development that provides all the important ingredients and makes the most important parameters available and CV-controllable.

At its heart, the Kickall is an oscillator with waveshaper functionality.

The Waveshaper can be continuously crossed from Sinus (deep/House/808) to Square (hard/Techno/909).

There are two simple, but absolutely sufficient decay envelopes available.

One for the amplitude / volume. Here a cleverly designed 50 mm fader controls the decay time. The first third of the fader is reserved for the extremely important, extremely short times, which thus can be adjusted in a very nuanced way.

The other envelope influences the pitch of the oscillator. The potentiometer for the decay time is called "Time". The influence of this envelope is adjustable with the "Bend" potentiometer.

Instead of simply giving the kickall an accent trigger input, this is realized as a full-fledged cv-modulatable VCA after the main VCA.

In addition to the on-board modulators, there are extensive possibilities to include the rest of the system:

Tune, Decay, Shape & even the "Accent "VCA are all externally modulatable.

The tuning / fundamental can be tuned manually from bottomless low to the higher registers of a high tom.

The pitch envelope can quickly rip the tuning from "very short" for dry attack clicks to extensive disco "piuuuuu", whereby Bend controls the influence of this envelope on the oscillator:

Little to no influence, deeeeep tuning and the shape control to the left stop gives you 808-like bass drums.

Bend properly turned up, time in the first third, tune to taste and shape to full right: we go!

And then there are all the settings INBETWEEN, as well as the numerous CV inputs.

Tip: Bend can be adjusted very sensitively. The same goes for the Shape parameter, which is also great for external modulation.

This is a very useful module with a clear mission: bass drum sounds of all kinds. It is characterized by the fact that all parameters & functions are well selected and fine-tuned. This allows you to find your way around very quickly, but at the same time you can also dial in your bass drum sounds in a very detailed way! long as your neighbours allow it!

Trigger In, CV inputs for Accent/Volume, Tune, Shape, (VCA)Decay
Audio output
3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 50mm deep
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