Befaco - Rampage


Befaco's approach of a dual complex function generator á la Serge / Buchla / Maths externds the idea of an integrator for slew limiting, envelope generation and oscillations by an analog logic processor and a slope detector per function generator which generates complex gate signals by analyzing if the generated curve is rising or falling at the given time.



Each function generator in this module has a rise and a fall segment which, depending on the usage, represent the attack and decay (or release) times of an envelope, the upward and downward slew time or the rising and falling slopes of an oscillation.
Each features a signal input for processing CVs or audio signals plus a trigger socket for fireing the curve. Alternatively you can use the trigger button to accomplish the latter.
The rise and fall times can be voltage controlled either individually or together via the EXP CV socket. The Range switch selects the coarse time range. A potentiometer continously blends from logarithmic over linear to exponential characteristic of the curve.
Output-wise we find a signal output emitting the processed signal or the generated CV as well as a End-Of-Cycle output (EOC) which produces a trigger when the curve has been finished.
Of course the Rampage is able to oscillate, too, either by patching EOC into the trigger inputs, with the Cycle switch or by sending a gate to the Cycle socket.

A special feature is the slope detector, which examines the generated curve and detects if the current slope is rising or falling. Depending which slope is given, either the rising out or the falling out emits a gate signal until the slope changes again. The Range switch influences this section as well.

In the analog logic section the signals of both function generators are compared and combined. using the Balance control you can determine whe weight between left and right function generator.
MIN is an analog OR gate, which outputs only the minium voltage. Other way round the MAX output which only emits the currently highest voltage. B>A is a circuit comparing the amplitudes of both curves and generating a pulse when B higher is than A.


per function generator:
signal input, signal output, trigger input, cycle input, end-of-cycle output
Rise CV input, Fall CV input, exponential CV input
slope detector: rising output, falling output

B>A comparator output, MIN output, MAX output


3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: 110mA at +12V and 90 mA at -12V

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