Befaco - Sampling Modulator


Innovative multi-function module – The Sampling Modulator can be used as a rhythm generator, a clock divider, a sequencer controlled sample & hold circuit, an analogue down sampling effect, a wave shaper or as an oscillator. While being employed as an S&H unit, the module is able to create straightforward as well as shuffled or polyrhythmic results. Used like a trigger sequencer, the Sampling Modulator offers up to eight steps. Utilized as a down sampler or wave shaper, the module can generate 8-Bit textures as well as metallic or harsh, distorted sound colorations. While being used as an oscillator, the circuit generates pulse waves with variable timbre. It is playable in the range of four octaves.



Essentially, the Sampling Modulator is composed of a trigger sequencer with eight steps, a sample & hold circuit plus an oscillator. The latter can be used as an audio generator as well as a clock source. The module features the following connectors and control elements:

  • Clock / Sync input: Can be used to set the rate of the internal VCO and the sequencer.
  • Clock output: Emits clock signals generated by the module’s oscillator.
  • Trigger output: Emits trigger signals generated by the sequencer.
  • CV input: This 1V per octave connector is used to play the Sampling Modulator’s VCO. The oscillator offers a tracking range of four octaves.
  • Rate and Fine potentiometers: Coarse and fine tune knobs for tuning the VCO manually.
  • Internal / External Clock switch: For toggling between internal and external clock signals.
  • Eight sequencer switches: These control elements feature three positions to (de-) activate steps and reset the sequencer.
  • Audio input: Incoming signals are fed to the analysis port of the sample & hold circuit.
  • Hold input: A gate signal at this input will hold the currently at the analysis port detected voltage value.
  • Audio output

The various application areas of the Sampling Modulator are described in this demo video.


Clock / Sync input
Clock output
Trigger output
Hold input
Audio input and output


3 U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 47 mm in depth
Power consumption: 48 mA at +12 V and 18 mA at -12 V

0.2 kg
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