Befaco - Spring Reverb


A spring reverb module equipped with a high pass filter, voltage controlled dry/wet mix, a VU meter at the output as well as two signal inupts with different routing, allowing for feedback by patching. Voltage control of several parameters provides for a living and dynamic reverb effect.
A spring tank is supplied with the module.


There are two audio inputs with their level determined by a fader and a CV. Input 1 is routed to both the spring tank and the DRY input of the dry/wet mix. Input 2 is routed to the spring tank only.
Likewise there are two outputs: MIX emits the dry/wet mix while WET carries the effect signal only.
This configuration makes it possible to patch a feedback by connecting WET output with the IN 2. The voltage control of the input level allows for dynamic feedback fading.

Also it is possible to modulate the dry/wet mix i.e. the relationship between the original signal and the effect signal via a control voltage at the MIX CV socket.

A VU meter with seven LEDs visualizes the level and eventual saturation at the output.


The spring tank used is a 8BB2A1B type.


2x input, mix output, wet output
CV inputs for In 1 level, In 2 level, dry/wet mix


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 47mm deep
current draw: 51mA at +12V and 34mA at -12V

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