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Small "utility" stereo mixers are very rare in Eurorack. Befaco jumps into the breach with the STMix and offers with it a solution that offers many channels in a small space.



The STMix has four channels in 6HP, all of which can be either mono (patched L only) or stereo (patched L&R). Two additional inputs - called AUX - allow you to cascade multiple STMixes or simply loop through a fifth signal. Two LEDs at the output provide feedback on the overall level.

Within the four channels the volume of the signals can be adjusted. An additional balance or panorama control is not provided. The Pan Mix Jr. would be a solution here, but this module (only) offers three mono channels that then can be leveled and distributed in the panorama.

Hence STMix is suitable for uncomplicated merging and leveling of mono and stereo signals. As a compact main mixer in small systems or as a stereo submixer in larger systems. Many modules are stereo: Just think of the Makenoise Erbeverb or the upcoming QPAS, the Rossum Morpheus or 4MS STS or DLD. And of course it's fun to experiment with two OSC and/or filters and VCAs in stereo. The STMix is a straightforward solution with a small footprint.

8 inputs (4 channels with L&R) with attenuator
2 AUX inputs (L&R)
2 outputs (L&R)
3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 30mm deep
Powerconsumption: 26mA +12V / 26mA -12V
0.15 kg
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