Birdkids - The Bateleur System


An entire, small synthesizer system consisting of the awesome Birdkids modules, together representing a combination that makes sense. It is housed in a Frap Puls enclosure with power supply.
There's no way to get hold of Birdkids products for a lower price then whith the Bateleur bundle being significantly cheaper than the individual modules.



The Bateleur complete system in 42 HP consists of following parts:

  • Power supply via USB which simultaneously acts as a USB-MIDI to CV/gate/Clock interface with 16Bit resolution.
  • a digital A(H)DSR envelope generator with looping function and retrigger
  • Bateleur VCO, a discrete analog high-end oscillaotr with integrated 4-pole filter
  • VCO expander, adding resonance control, FM and a VCA
  • Four-channel mixer with integrated nosie generator
  • Frap Tools Plus - a rugged enclosure in 42HP width, with nice wooden cheeks


MIDI/power: USB input
Outputs: pitch Cv, modwheel CV, velocity CV, gate, clock

Envelope: gate input, output

inputs: 1V/oct, PWM CV, FM
outputs: sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, sub-oscillator

VCF: input, output, cutoff CV input

filter: CV inputs for resonance and cutoff
VCO: FM input
VCA: input, output, CV input
headphone output

Mixer: four inputs, noise output, mix output


enclosure 240 x 130 x 50 mm (B x T x H)
internal width: 42 HP

1.2 kg
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