Black Market Modular - Colour Palette BUNDLE


The bundle contains one ColourPalette module and the two ColorCVs Woof and Tweet.

This module is a small revolution as it integrates a modular idea from recording gear into Eurorack. It makes it possible to use up to three interchangeable saturation Colour circuit boards from the "Colour 500-Series Palette", an API 500 form factor device, into Eurorack. With voltage control of level, and with the prospective ColourCV boards even with voltage control of parameters!
Well, it's a module with a modular idea behind it, interchangeable timbres like saturation of transformers, behaviour of vintage audio gear to effect simultaion.


the idea originates in the "Colour 500-Series Palette" audio circuit in the API 500 form factor which is used in recording studios. It can house up to three Colours which are individual aidio processors which colour the sound and have different behavoiurs, depending on the circuit. Some have the saturation behaviour of CMOS chips, other that of JFETs, some add the special sound of transformers. Other Colours recreate the sound of vintage audio gear like compressors or simulate tape delays.

The module:
Black Market Modular not only brings this idea into Eurorack world but enhances it with voltage controlled level and individual usability of each Colour.
It goes even further: In future there will be Colours with voltage controllable parameters (the so-called ColorCVs) that can be assigned to the four CV inputs. It can be very interesting if a number of parameters on different Colours have been assigned to the same CTRL CV-input.

Each section of the module has individual signal in- and outputs but there's also a sum output where each Colour is mixed with 1/3 of it's level.

The ColourCVs included in the bundleare filters whose parameters are voltage controllable via the ColourPalette:

  • Woof is a low pass filter
  • Tweet is a highpass filter.

Following "Colour CVs" are available from us:
WMD - Variac | WMD - Wave Compiler | WMD - Aperture


per channel: audio input, audio output, VCA CV input
CTRL CV inputs A-D
Sum output


3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide, 30 mm deep

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