Brandon Smith´s Piston Honda ROMs


Brandon Smith's set of 4 EPROMS with sound banks for the Piston Honda.
You can exchange the pre-installed ROM chips with other ones to get new sounds and wavetables. To install all four Eeproms simultaneously you need a Harvestman ROM expander for the Piston Honda which will give you the possiblitly to have six eeproms installed in your module.


Brandon Smith's Set of 4 EPROMS:

Eeprom 1: monowave.256 (Wiard wavetables)
Eeprom 2: new.256
Eeprom 3: udder.256 (sinewave-ish sounds)
Eeprom 4: allophones.256 (Wiard wavetables. robot-like speech sounds are possible)

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