Broken Silicon - Error Codes #1 (programs f. Z-DSP)


The "Error Codes #1" by Broken Silicon is a third-party memory card for TipTop Audio´s Z-DSP with eight new and very interesting algorithms.



following programs are on the card:

COMBINER - dual stereo comb filter based on a very short delay. Parameters are pitch, interval i.e spread of the filter combs and poistive/negative feedback

NOISEKRAFT - digital noise generator. White noise with adjustable level, rate and bit depth.

7 SINS - parallel sine wave generators that are detuned in a linear manner. Parameters: coarse and fine pitch controls and interval of the sine waves´ frequencies, very nice for clouds and organ-like sounds.

BIT EATER - Bit Crusher and crude sapmle rate reducer. adjustable number of bits, rate (down to LFO rates) and clipping

CLIPPER - digital clipping distortion with adjustable rate (down to LFO rates) and bit depth

WAVE SHAPER - digital wave shaper mit adjurtable threshold, slope of the bend and the vertical shift of the signal (offset). Works best with low-harmonic content and can also process LFOs.

SYNC OSC - pulse wave oscillator that is synched to the audio input. Parameters: pitch and pulse width

BURSTWERK - repeating envelope generator. Attack- and Decay parameters are controllable. The ritard parameter slows down the decay time with each repeat and thus detemines the cycle length.  Input 1 has to be used as Gate input.


small memory card like the one delivered with the Z-DSP

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