Broken Silicon - Gainsburg


The Gainsburg module from german manufacturer Broken Silicon contains two VCAs. Unlike normal VCAs these not only attenuate signals but it can also boost them up to +24dB. This means plenty of GAIN! It can be abused as a really nice sounding distortion unit, especially when you run both channels in series...oh la la



The VCA´s gain can be controlled from -72dB up to +24dB, of course there´s a CV input with attenautor available.

Link switch will couple the Gain of both channels. The gain control and the gain CV of the left channel will control the right one.

Inputs: each channel has a 6.35mm (1/4") socket for mono audio signals and a 3.5mm socket suitable for both audio and CVs. The stereo input in the middle allows for connecting stereo signals like MP3 players or smart phones, the left signal is sent to Channel 1 and the right signal to Channel 2.
Outputs: each channel has a 3.5mm mono output socket. The mix of both channel is available at the SUM socket.

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