Bubblesound LvL rm


The LvL rm is a handy module as it contains a quad offset generator and also an analog ring modulator.


Each of the four upper units allows for shifting the level of an incoming voltage. For instance you can shift the signal of a LFO that oscilltes between -5V and 5V to 0-10V. If no signal is present at an input then the output is an independent offset generator which will output a fixed voltage.

The clean analog ring modulator is based on the classic LM1496 chip that has been used in many vintage synthesizers.


Pro Leveler-Kanal 1-4: je ein Ein- und Ausgang.

RingModulator: X- eingang, Y-Eingang, Ausgang


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 8TE breit, 46mm tief.

1 kg
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