Bubblesound SEM20 V|S|F Multimode filter


Self-oscillating 2pole state variable filter, 12dB highpass, lowpass and notch, 6dB bandpass, extra control for notch balance



Bubblesound ? SEM20 VSF Multifilter. The SEM-Filter (named after the Oberheim synth module) is known for its soft sound. The internal distortion is as low as possible while the circuit is a close replication of the original. Still there are some differences: The resonace goes nearly up to self-oscillation. Band-, high- and Lowpass can be used simultaneously and steplessly crossfaded which gives a really nice mixeffect. Even with resonance the filter stays harmonic. Pushed to the extreme it will produce soft overdrive. The SEM 20 works best with polyphonic and ambient sounds. With 2 CVs you can control the Cutoff and the Audio-In which both have an attenuator.


1 Audio-Eingang mit Abschwächer, 2x CV-Eingang für Cutoff- Frequenz, jeweils mit Abschwächer

4 Audioausgänge; je einer für die Filtertypen LP, HP, BP und Notch


3HE Eurorackmodul, 14 TE breit, nicht tief, (ca 30mm), da Platine parallel montiert, Strombedarf 70mA

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