Bubblesound - uLFO Module


This LFO packed with features bases on a "triangle core" VCO and thus is on a par with any full-fledged analog VCO because the 1V/oct input allows for using it as a normal VCO. The tracking ranges a few octaves which is far from bad. There are six different waveform outputs: ramp, pulse, sine, triangle, saw, square and sine shape. All this makes the uLFO one of the most versatile LFOs no the market.



frequency range: low: 45min - 25Hz // low 30 sec - 300Hz

The uLFO has a triangle core

Pulse width modulation and sine shape modulation can be adjusted manually or by scalable CV inputs.

The sync out allows for passing the sync signal to a further VCO.

SineShape generates a sine-like triangle and makes it possible to change the phase of the signal dynamically: negative portions of the sound will turn positive continously and vice versa.  Pretty good for FM sounds.

  • 1x lV/Oktave-Eingang
  • Sync In und Out
  • 2 regelbare FM-Eingänge, zwischen Linear und Exponential wählbar
  • je 1 CV-Eingang für PWM und Shaped Sine-Modulation
  • 6 Ausgänge: Ramp, Pulse, Sine, Triangle, Saw, Shaped Sine

3HE Eurorack-Modul.   14 TE breit,  5cm tief.   Stromverbrauch ca. 50mA

1 kg
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