Bubblesound VCOb


Bubblesound´s VCOb is a really good, rich sounding, stable yet compact fully analog VCO. It´s circuitry is based on the uLFO but with some improvements. It tracks well 4-6 octaves (depending on how picky you are) which is good.



The VCOb offers exponential and linear frequency modulation, this can be set by a switch. Due to the fact that it is triangle-based it is very suitable for FM sounds. In the exponential mode and with the attenuator fully clockwise the FM input has exactly 1V/octave.
Frequency range: 10 second/cycle - 21.4K Hz.
Pulse width modulation and sync are available as well, of course.


Eingänge:  1V/Okt, FM, PWM, Sync

Ausgänge: Puls, Dreieck, Sägezahn, Sinus.


3HE Eurorack-Modul.  10TE breit, 6cm tief.   Stromverbrauch 100mA

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