Buchla 206e Mixer / Preset Manager


The 206e combines a six-channel audio mixer with partially voltage controlled panorama function and a preset manager for saving and managing presets.


The mixer has four inputs and two outputs. Channels 2-5 feature manually controllable panorama (alias stereo location) while panorama on channels 1 and 6 is voltage controllable. All channels have a manual level control.
Outputwise there are mono outputs for left and right, each with two parallel outputs and a separately controllable 3.5mm stere headphone amp. VU displays with seven LEDs visualize output levels for left and right.

The preset manager is used for saving and recalling almost all system variables in presets. Presets can be named and managed. Pulse signals at the LAST and NEXT banana sockest skip to the next or prevoius preset. The 206e's preeset manager can be used as main manager or as a secondary manager in case you have two cabinets both of which are controlled by a single MIDI interface.


inputs: signal inputs 1-6, location CV inputs for channels 1 and 6
outputs: L and R outputs (two sockets per channel), headphones output (1/8" stereo)

preset manager: pulse inputs for last and next preset


4U Buchla form factor module, one panel wide (17.8 x 10.8cm or 7" x 4.25")

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