Buchla 207e Mixer / Mike PreAmp


The 207e combines two independent circuits: on one hand a six-channel audio mixer with panorama and a headphone amp, on the otherhand a microphone pre-amp with phantom power and an envelope follower.



The top part is an audio mixer with four inputs and two outputs. Input channels 2-5 feature manually controllable panorama (alias stereo location) while panorama on channels 1 and 6 is voltage controllable. All channels have a manual level control.
There are mono outputs for left and right, each with two parallel outputs and a separately controllable 3.5mm stere headphone amp. VU displays with seven LEDs visualize output levels for left and right channels.

The bottom part consists of a microphone pre-amplifier with a XLR connector, controlable and switchable gain (+10dB, +20dB and +40dB), 48V phantom power and two parallel signal outputs. An envelope detector with a LED display is integrated, too.


Please note: The microphone pre-amp gain and the headphone output level can not be stored in a preset, as indicated by the white knobs.


inputs: signal inputs 1-6, location CV inputs for channels 1 and 6
outputs: L and R outputs (two sockets per channel), headphones output (1/8" stereo)

XLR input, dual signal output (1/4" sockets), envelope detector CV out (banana)


4U Buchla form factor module, one panel wide (17.8 x 10.8cm or 7" x 4.25")

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