Buchla 225e MIDI Decoder / Preset Manager


The 225e is split in two parts, the first one is a device converting MIDI messages into buchla-compatible control voltages and pulses. The second one is a preset manager which is used for saving, and managing up to 30 presets.



The MIDI/CV converter can output the converted MIDI data on several busses. There are four internal busses A-D sending certain information internally to special modules: pulses to the 281e, velocity information to the 292e and finally notedata that are sent to maximum four 259e's or 261e's.
Besides this the module has plenty of banan outputs: four busses (E-H) convert note information into pitch CVs, velocity CVs and note-on pulses. Six busses (J-P) are resonsible for converting controller data, with each bauss having tow outputs "a" and "b". All settings are handled via a display.

The independently working preset manager can administrate up to 30 memory slots for your sounds (knobs and buttons only). You can use it for savinf presets, recalling them and for naming them. Two banana sockets are used for selecting either the next or prevoius preset.

The 225e can display the firmware version of each 200e module and is also capable to play firmware into modules in combiantion with a Mac computer running OSX 10.5 or higher.


MIDI in (on extra board in the back)
note message bus outputs E, F, G and H, each with pitch, velocity and note on/off outputs
Controller buss outputs J-P, each has a and b sockets

Preset Manager: pulse inputs for last & next preset


4U Buchla form factor module, one panel wide (17.8 x 10.8cm or 7" x 4.25")

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