Buchla 227e System Interface


Central module for connecting your Buchla to the rest of your studio or to speakers. It combines a quadrofonic, voltage controlled four-channel mixer, a master equalizer and level controls for front and rear channels. Besides that we find an separate, simple four-channel sub-mixer, a headphone amp and a mic pre-amp with envelope detector. The parameters of the quadrofonic mixer can be saved with a preset manager.



The main mixer has four channels with signal input and a manual level control. The "spatial dynamics" function distributes the signal in stereophonic or quadrophonic space. With "swirl" deactivated RATE will control the left/right panning and AMPL front/back balance. Activating Swirl will rotate the sound in the quadrophonic room with "rate" controlling the speed of rotation, either counterclockwise or clockwise, depending if the potentiometer is left or right of center position. Amplitude parameter will control intensity of movement, at zero position the sound remains in the center and the rotation gets deeper when turning up the parameter.
The sub-mixer with four channels can work totally independent. If you activate "in the mix", the sum will not be placed in the stereo center, not at all! A signal at input A will be sent to output A (front left), signal at input B to output B (front right) and so on!
Master Equalization & Levels features an own equalizer and level control for the front and rear channels. The EQ controls bass and treble ±18dB and spectral tilt -18/+12dB.
The microphone pre-amp can boost the signal +10dB, +25dB or +40dB and is controllable in addition. Furthermore an envelope detector is integrated which will output an amitude dependant envelope.

The 227e is delivered with a small circuit board carrying the XLR mic input and four 1/4" outputs, to be mounted at the rear of the boat.


mic pre-amp: XLR input at back of boat, two parallel signal outputs, envelope detector output
quadrophonic mixer, per channel: audio input, swirl rate CV in, amplitude CV in
sub-mix: four audio inputs, two parallel audio outputs
main outputs: dual 1/4" outputs for channels A, B, C and D; four single 1/4" outputs in rear


4U Buchla form factor module, 2 panels wide (17.8cm x 21.6cm or 7" x 8.5")

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